Monday, 6 December 2010

Back to work....

Monday's never the best day of the week as it's back to work for most of us. When you've spent the best part of the weekend between the sheets curled up with your lover it makes Monday morning (especially a cold one) that little bit tougher.

I can't complain to much though as Sasha and I didn't venture out much over the weekend. It was far to cold where I live and I didn't want to brave the busy high street. Sahsa really seems to share my addiction. For her there's no such thing as too much sex and we've lost count of the number of orgasms we've had this weekend.

It's Chrimbo party time again tomorrow. Will I have chance to add to my running total? I hope so! Robin X

1 comment:

Lexander said...

Great, just what I need on a Monday. BUT I want you to get much more outdoor exercise! Really warm clothes, gloves, head warmers, wooly boots, etc. At least a couple of miles walking. Will improve even more that fantastic sex life of yours. As always, love. x