Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Tis the season to wear a jonny!

No don't worry I've not taken up the roll of agony aunt or STD adviser it's just my twisted version of 'Tis the season to be jolly!' Every year there's something special for me about hitting December. Those of you that have been following my blogs for years will know that for me December means Christmas Parties and that means lots of SEX! Not your usual run of the mill stuff either, a drunken fumble here a quickie blow job there and the odd little group session thrown in here and there.

So you'll be pleased to know that I have as ever got a packed social calendar! So far the party count is at 15 but of course if you'd like to add to that total your more than welcome! So lets PARTY ON! Robin :-X

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Anonymous said...

Sounds wonderful Robin, can't wait to read how it all plays out! Enjoy the holidays.