Wednesday, 8 December 2010

The Party Conitinues

Last nights party was a great laugh. I've been working with my clients for the last five years and their parties always rate as one of the best of the season. They're a small practice with 30 employee's and the party is one of the company perks. I ended up sat on a table with the MD and his PA and the department managers. At first I thought this is going to be a nightmare but then I realised that there was more than a work relationship between the MD and his PA. When they disappeared half way through the night I followed her to the ladies and sure enough there was the MD waiting for her in the loo's.

I could hear her giving him a very messy bj and then they both grunted away as they had a quickie. I couldn't resist playing with myself in the cubicle next door and I was in a right mess when they both climaxed. He left first and then she did. I cornered her on her way out. "I didn't know you were fucking M?" I smiled. She blushed a little "yeah I have been for the last 8 months, what about it"? Nothing I said. Watching as she straightened herself up knowing that his spunk must be running between her legs.

We went back and rejoined the table. I saw her whisper in his ear and he smiled at me. I snogged a couple of guys and worked my way round the dance floor. As the evening drew to a close M approached me. "Can I give you a lift home Robin?" who was I to refuse. As the party cleared out we walked to his car his PA was sat in the passenger seat. On the way back to mine the subject turned to what I'd heard going on in the ladies.

I assured them both that it had been a real turn on their secret was safe with me. I invited them both in for a coffee and to my surprise they accepted. More later.... Robin :-)


glosterdave said...

Oh you tease....;)

bravo9992 said...

more now please babe ;-) x

Lexander said...

You naughty little bitch. Get writing now or I'll whip your super arse. And suck you dry. x