Friday, 21 August 2009

Day 1 - We are here!

OMG! Our Villa is stunning. It looks out to Sea with an infinity pool, spa and a steam room and cinema! We are metres from our own beach, does it get much better?

Here's a very quick update... I met up with the girls bright and early at the airport. Everyone was super excited and in the party spirit much to the annoyance of the some of the other people in the airport and particularly on our flight. The air hostess had a quick word with us and apart from Gobby giggling away at the back we calmed down till we landed.

Everyone was in a cheeky mood and couldn't wait to see the Villa. Rach had booked it so I knew it would be good but when the gates opened and our cab drove in it took my breath away.

I've been busy with my camera but like an idiot I haven't packed the cable. I will try and get to an Internet cafe to download some pics for you.

We've been to the beach today. It was hot down there and everyone couldn't wait to show of there new bikinis. Although topless was the order of the day. I was glad that I'd topped up my tan. I had to stop staring, Rach's tits are amazing! There were a few guys down on the beach I'm pacing myself but 10 girls rolling into town certainly raised a few eyebrows. It's day one and I have big plans for this evening. I know my underwear will be staying in my suitcase! Right, where did I put that bottle of wine! It's party time... I'll keep you posted. Robin x


Spnk MeRed said...

Sounds like heaven on earth...have lots of naughty fun

Kara and Jessica said...

Hope you have a wonderful time.

Ed said...

cha cha cha

BlueEyes69 said...

LOVE the beach, so take lots of revealing pics for me! Enjoy!!!