Sunday, 23 August 2009

Day three time for an update?

WOW! This is one of my best holiday's yet. The Villa has been buzzing and although I didn't make it home on Friday night the Villa has been been rocking. I'll have to be careful not to drop a few of the girls in it as I know that there guys will be reading! (Don't panic guys! they've not been that naughty yet!).

I'll focus on what I've been up too... I'll post the Poll Results in a sec but I've dived out of the baking sun to sneak on the computer and post and update (well I started this afternoon). You should see the que to get on the Mac we have here, with the girls spending more time on line than me (is that possible?)!

Friday night had to be a big one! I'd been waiting for a big blow out for a while and it didn't disappoint! The first club was SO hot sweating my tits off on the dance floor. Plenty of hot, muscly, topless guys and I was enjoying all the attention.

Dancing in front of one of the guys he ran his hands up my thighs lifting my skirt. The whole dance floor got a great view of my pussy. Pulling me up onto a podium we danced away with a crowd of horny guys watching from below. His hands were all over me and I don't think I've ever had so many guys and girls looking at my wet pussy at the same time, so naughty.

After putting on a bit of a show for the masses. I asked the guy if he wanted to go and get a drink. Dragging him off in the opposite direction to the bar we left the club and I treated him to a very sloppy bj in the alley. He held off unloading in my mouth and bent me over hitch up my skirt and guided his hot cock between my legs. Straight in as I was dripping! The guy was soon pumping away. He reached round and pulled my tits out of my top needing my nipples to hardness.

He pulled his cock from my pussy and pushed it back again much deeper. Pulling it out again I felt blob after blob of spunk unload over my bum cheeks. Then he slid a finger into my dripping pussy and finished the job making sure I had a proper orgasm before I headed off to the ladies to clean up.

I ended up pulling a leggy blond who happened to push on my cubicle door (I'll bring you the full low down when I have more time). Needless to she cleaned me up and I returned the favour. You gotta take it when you can!

We headed back into the club and I soon ended up on my own on the dance floor. Well for about 2mins. There was soon a crowd of guys dancing round me, I chose a tall muscular guy with a good tan to get up close and personal. His hands were soon all over me. As always it didn't take long for a finger to run the length of my dripping pussy. He wasted no time sliding his finger between my folds. Pulling me close and trying to make it look like we were dancing. Well he had to I had my hand down his jeans and he had a monster trying to escape!

Of course I wasn't going to keep this monster caged for long and dragged the guy off the dance floor. This time I headed for a dark corner and pushed the guy back onto the couch. Quickly unbuckling his jeans and pulling out his cock before slipping onto his lap. His cock running the length of my pussy, his fat helmet hooked against my clit. I sat up and slipped his cock up me. He reached round and grabbed my cheeks and I bounced up and down on his cock.

It was obvious what we were doing but that's the great thing about being on holiday. He soon tensed up and I felt him unload deep inside me groaning hard as he shot his cum. That set me off and the spasms of my pussy sent his cock crazy. I slid off and pulled him back onto the dance floor I could feel his spunk slipping down my thy so I headed off to the ladies and that was the last I saw of him.

This is where the evening gets very hazy! I came out of the loo (yes I can clean myself up sometimes) and got caught up with a group of guys and girls leaving the club. They did tell me their names and assured me they new a much better club down the strip! Off we went typical Brit's doing out bit for international relations. Shouting, pucking and pissing our way down the street. Top stuff!

I couldn't tell you if the next club was better. It was a lot louder and a lot hotter. They dragged me onto the dance floor and I was soon on the podium again. I'd drunk so much that I didn't really give a shit who could see me dancing with a random strangers fingers up my pussy! In fact I can remember not being the only girl on the podium with her pussy on show!

The crowd were going crazy and when I eventually needed to rest my tired legs I went and sat at the bar a couple of guys offered to get my drinks. 2 more Vodka Red Bulls. Ready to go! We got chatting and I ended up with Simon (funny how I can remember names when I've had more to drink) in the gents. Although the toilet stank and were a real mess, piss and loo roll everywhere, not to mention a load of pissed up guys chanting "who's gona get fucked in the gents!" So I took Simon out of the club and treated him to a blow job on the beach.

There were lots of couples at it on the beech and because Simon insisted on taking me doggy style I got to watch on as another girl treated a guy to a really messy bj. Of course I couldn't see everything but I could be sure that's what they were up too.

Well at least until Simon upped the pace and my orgasm started building. It was a biggy and it set Simon off grunting and filling me with another hot load. I could tell it was my first night as I made the mistake of sitting on the sand. Of course my sloppy bum and pussy got covered in sand! Luckily the tide was in so I slipped of my shoes and waded into to wash off my bum and pussy! Sorted!

Not my sandy bum. (Sorry no cam!).. But a pic I found on the net... Just to get you thinking!

We went back to the club and I danced off from Simon. It was coming up to 4am but the club was still buzzing! I danced for another hour getting felt up by far to many randoms. Sat at the bar I got chatting to a couple over 'just for the weekend'. They had an apartment five minutes from the club and offered me a 'drink back at theirs'.

Of course I took them up on their offer and as the sun was coming up we walked back along the sand to there little apartment. I had a feeling that drinking was the last thing on this couples mind when they approached me.

I sat on the couch and Lisa sat down next to me. Joe brought through a bottle of wine and told me to make myself comfortable. With my skirt riding up my thys the guys were left in no doubt about my intentions so when Lisa slid her hand up my thy to my pussy and leaned forward to kiss me I was more than happy for her tongue to slide between my lips!

I unbuttoned her denim hot pants and she shimmied them down her thighs as my fingers wedged between her legs. My pussy was open and on show. Joe was watching on, with his hardening cock in his hand. Lisa slid down kissing across my belly and then down between my legs. I could only imagine what my dirty pussy must have tasted like.

I just hoped it wasn't too salty after it's rinse in the sea... Lol! Lisa was no novice though and I beckoned Joe onto the couch and pulled his cock to my lips. Letting my tongue lap up the dribble of pre-cum! Sucking his cock between my lips I treated him to a special.

Slurping off his cock I told him to fuck Lisa from behind while she licked me. He jumped up and slid his cock between her cheeks. I pushed my legs up over he shoulders so he could see her licking at my clit. Joe had her cuming hard in no time and that set me off. I'd lost count of my first night holiday orgasms but I won't forget this one in a hurry. I licked Joe's cock clean and then slurped his spunk out of Lisa's hot pussy.

This got Joe nice and hard and I let him fuck me inches from Lisa's face. Her tongue drove me mental darting up and touching my clit as her hubby cock slid back and forth. As yet another cock unloaded in my pussy I clasped on top of Lisa. What a way to start my Holiday!

I've just realised that I've only typed up the first night and it's a massive update! I'll have to update you on day 2, 3 and today later. I've been on the beach today topping up the tan, NAKED! Well everyone else was in the Villa and I had the beach to myself. More clubbing tonight. I won't let you know the total just yet... 6 on the first night was a good start! OMG what a slut.. I don't think I want to know the total as it stands! Robin ;-)


Amy(LamBi)Ne said...

I say 30+ is more like it, when it's all tallied.
Wish I were there O_O.


robindash7 said...

i wonder if i have any chance of unloading in your pussy

relevent married guy said...

This is our kind of holiday! I just loved reading this update. Thank you for sharing and have fun!!!

On Me said...

your holidays sound much more fun then mine.

1manview said...

Sounds like more good times are coming...

Calculating Infinity said...

I really really want to party girl a girl like you. You're wild as they cum girl!