Thursday, 6 August 2009

Quicky 2!

Paul spent all morning working hard on a project for me. So hard that I decided I'd treat him to lunch again. Well that was the plan anyhow. Yes you've guessed it I did even make it to the pub!

He'd been like a dog on heat around me all morning. I'm not complaining as it's nice to have a bit of young male attention. Just before we were going to lunch Paul sent me an e-maul. "Meet me by the gents in five. I'm ready for lunch :-)". He pulled me inside shoved me in a cubicle and dropped to his knee's hitching my skirt up around my waist he pulled my thong to one side and lapped away at my freshly shaved pussy. Of course it wasn't long before my juices were running down my thigh's, his tongue and over his chin. I pulled his head hard against my pussy as he lapped away.

Pressing a finger against my tight bum hole it slid in easily as Jess has been spending far to much time playing with my bum over the past few days (if I didn't know better I'd say she's besotted with it. That's another story). With his tongue filling my pussy and his finger in my bottom it wasn't long before I was bracing myself against the cubicle wall. I moaned my way through a throbbing orgasm my pussy pouring juice over Paul's tongue and down his face.

He turned me round and smeared my juices around my pouting bum hole. Then he pressed the tip of his cock into me. Jess has a lot to answer for. It slide straight in, I gasped and Paul began to build a rhythm. Reaching under to finger my clit and my pussy, I cupped Paul's tight balls. He was grunting away and I could feel his whole body tightening. He gasped and swore as his cock unloaded in my bum hole. It felt like he was never going to stop cumming as his cock twitched away.

He pulled out and his spunk shot out of my pulsing hole down my thighs and splattered on the loo seat. Paul kissed me zipped up and left me to mop up. Cheeky git. I headed back to my office to get my breath back and decided to give the pub a miss. I looked like I'd been dragged through a hedge (or fucked in the ass :-)) Now I'm sat here in a bit of a mess. My ass feels well and truly fucked and my pussy is still throbbing. I think I might have to make a trip to the ladies this afternoon. I wonder if Paul will be around? Robin XXX

PS: Sorry for the lack of pics.... I was taking some of Jess in the bath and dropped my I-phone in! Yikes! It's still in my airing cupboard drying out. Fingers crossed. If I get the pics off I'll post them up here.


Advizor said...

I would love to be in the stall next door listening to that encounter. very hot, very fun. Just don't let the personnel department find out about it....

Hubman said...

Fingers crossed for picture recovery..

Anonymous said...

Shame about the iPhone.

Working with you must be great!

On Me said...

wow found you blog some time ago, would love to see some photos posted up.

J said...

I know it is too late now, but for future reference.
If you drop your phone in water, immediately remove the battery, then put it in rice. The dried rise will suck out the water.