Wednesday, 5 August 2009


I was out on the road yesterday. A busy day with three meetings (yes three, who says I don't work hard). The first went well but for some reason there was a bit of a mix up with times on the second. I found myself with an hour on my hands so I decided to drive onto my next meeting. On the way I pulled into a lay by to eat my lunch. I was a quiet road and there was another car an a lorry parked up. It reminded me a little of my lay by toilet exploits.

No sooner had my mind drifted back to sex with strangers in loo's than a car pulled up in front of me. Another car swung in front of that one. I thought for a moment that it was a road rage incident they were driving so fast. Then a petite blond jumped out of the second car and ran to the passenger door of the first car. She jumped in.

I could see the couple kissing, then they started ripping at each others clothes. The blond disappeared down behind the seats and I could see the guy bracing himself against the dash. I wound down my window and could hear him swearing. Obviously enjoying the blond giving him head, then I saw her sat up wiping her mouth. The doors opened and they both jumped out in a state of undress and jumped straight in the back.

I didn't have a perfect view but I could see the guy on top of her pounding away. I could hear her moaning louder and louder as it was obvious she was about to orgasm. As the moaning died down I watched them both dress. They kissed and they both climbed out and she got in her car and drove off with him following. Leaving me all hot and sticky on my own. I managed to make it through the next meeting but I couldn't wait to get home.

Jess is still at mine and I found her asleep on my bed naked. A squeeze of strawberry's and cream lube and I went down on her till she woke up with an intense orgasm. Of course we didn't stop there. Jess spent the rest of the evening making sure I was fully satisfied. I told her all about my lunch break tease... Of course she couldn't resist teasing me that she had a freshly fucked pussy and wasn't driving anywhere.... God I wish! Robin :-)

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Anonymous said...

Is there ever a better way to wake a girl up? LOL Nice story.