Wednesday, 12 August 2009

I'm back....

Sorry... It's been manic. I had hoped to post before I went away and then I hoped to update my blog while I was away and I've been hoping to post up my experiences. It's just been busy, busy, busy! One of the reasons I've been so short on time is that my proper summer holiday is coming up. I'm off for a week of Sun, Sea, Sand and Sex. I can't wait.

So where do I start with this update. Well, Paul and our holidays crossed so I haven't seen him for a while. That hasn't stopped him texting me! Although I'm sure he's going to regret texting me a couple of his Holiday shots! Maybe I'll share those with you if you ask me nicely.

My long weekend was fun. It was a combination of a hen night and girls weekend away and I don't need to tell you it got messy, very messy!

We set the hen up with three hunky strippers, now I sure that they should have charged extra but they ended up spraying the bride with spunk! It all got a little silly and you don't need to ask who started the silliness! One of the guys was waving his cock in her face when I jumped up and grabbed it. Of course it sprung to hardness much to mine and the rest of the girls delight. After a few strokes it was really hard and then after a few more it unloaded. Blobs of spunk sprayed over Claire's face and blouse.

Of course the other two wanted in on the act and despite my keenness to unload the black dancers fat cock over Claire's face I was barged aside and it wasn't long before more streams of spunk were spraying over her face. By now the party was really going off! When the third stripper unloaded over Clarie's face it was pandemonium! I was loving it! From there things get a bit hazy but I woke up naked between Deb and Cloe. They were naked too. God knows what I got up to. But I'm sure when I went to bed Cloe was straight... Lol

The rest of the weekend was just as hazy and apparently just as messy. I'd rather forget walking though town on Saturday night flashing my tits, bum and pussy along with snogging the face off a few random strangers (along with a good grope!)

Apparently my behaviour was off the scale and it took a while for a few of the girls I was away with to start talking to me on Sunday. By Sunday evening and after a few drinks the fun flowed again. The pub we were in was pretty busy and I ended up disappearing into the dark depths of the beer garden with a couple of guys. They took a while to get into their surprise threesome but were soon more than happy with the idea.

I was bent over the table with a cock in my mouth and my pussy when Cloe came down to check I was OK. I guess she knew what I was up too.... She didn't waste any time in getting involved much the guys delight. Of course I couldn't resist pushing Cloe back onto the bench and licking her spunky snatch clean! I told you I was in a dirty mood. I blame the WKD bringing out my WKD side! Robin :-)



thats nice...add me if your looking for fun, party and kinky things... or MSN

Kara and Jessica said...

Sounds like you really enjoyed yourself ;) Kara XO

On Me said...

I think we all need to chip in and get Robin a camera and a crew to follow on the escapades

Dante d'Amore said...

Sounds like you had a ball. ;)

You've got a nice blog. I enjoyed following it.


Geyser said...

An HD camera is in order for you Robin, to document all that is folded into "haze" - likely the best parts ;)