Wednesday, 5 August 2009


I know you guys love the latest as it happens. Well guess who's got a salty taste in her mouth? Yes I've just got back from giving Paul one of our new office juniors a messy lunch munch! Paul's been flirting with me since he started but I don't think he bargained on what's just happened. I bet he dreamt about it though he hasn't stopped eyeing me up since we were first introduced and he'll run to the moon for me which is nice.

So he was running around all morning for me so I popped out to get some lunch with him. He kept on dropping hints and when we got back to the office I pulled him into the ladies. Of course I didn't want to waste any time so I went straight to it. Paul did a valiant job to hold on as long as he could but I worked my magic and soon had a mouth full of warm spunk to swallow down.

I swallowed down every drop (well I thought I had I've just found some on my blouse) gave Paul a cheeky kiss and came back to my desk to tell you all about it.... God I love this job sometimes! Robin XXX


Confession of a Cocksman said...

Nice! I wish I could get sone head during my lunch break :) Paul's one lucky bastard!

Abe's Heart said...

Sometimes, it pays not to work so hard...Then again, when it's hard things are so much easier. lol!

`x~Abe's Heart.

Anonymous said...

I have got to get a job at your work place!

Hubman said...

Can to change jobs and come work at my place? You'd be most welcome!

Kara and Jessica said...

Must be so much fun working with you LOL. Kara XO

Anonymous said...

Nice Robin, I recall similar times at work, fingering cunts beside the desk, fucking in the office parties. Great fun!!