Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Busy Busy....

It's a quite one tonight so I'm bringing over more of my adventures... I hope you're enjoying catching up on my exploits as much as I am.

Party season is in full swing. Got a big one tomorrow night. One of our biggest suppliers and a personal fav of mine for the past three years. The boss opens his house and it's transformed into a playboy mansion... well more like Lapland but in my mind Playboy always comes first. I think it must be the naughty elves that serve all the drinks and snacks. Last year it all got a bit out of hand and I woke up naked on the couch, of all places to wake up naked! Luckily not all of the 500 guests stayed over but there were enough to make it a little embarrassing.. Luckily someone had covered my blushes with a little blanket. I mean little....

I'll try and pace myself this year I promise I'd at least like to remember who I have sex with this time... Well at least the first three people... Sorry I tease! Although with all that free drink on offer what chance do I have! I've had my eye on a guy call James in accounts.. Apparently he's just come through a messy break up so hopefully he'll want to get messy with me... I'll keep you posted... In the meantime back to the cut and paste... Oh joy! Robin XXX

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Ben and Annabel said...

Nice to see you here!