Tuesday, 30 December 2008

New Years....

In true Zane Low (Radio 1 DJ) style I'd like to welcome aboard my new blog followers... Welcome one and all. Hold on tight this is a real rollercoaster ride of a Blog (I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I did getting my tits out on Nemisis at Alton Towers).

New year is coming and I haven't decided where I'll be going, with who and what I'll be wearing yet. I had thought that I might have made it home today but Caz and Steve offered to put me up over New Years and as I'm so close to Mum and Dad's I might just make it round for Dinner on the 1st Jan! It also means that if nothing else I can see New Years in down the local. Scene of many a messy new years eve in the past I know I'll be looked after if I end up down there!

So roll on 2009... If anyone has any ideas on where I should be or what I should be getting up to please let me know. Oh and if you'd like to dress me (or make some suggestions, pics help) that would help too! Robin XXX

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