Tuesday, 30 December 2008

New Years 2007 - 2008... Enjoy!

Here's a little treat.. Of course you click over to my old blog and read it but here's my rather shameful memories of New Years 07-08. I wrote it on the 5th so enjoy! Love Robin XXX

It’s Saturday night it’s 11pm and I home tucked up in bed with my laptop on my lap to bring you the low down on my New Year celebrations. As I said earlier I’ve been feeling pretty sick since new years I think it was the tipping point for my cold but hey what a tipping point.

To spare you the usual drawn out story here are the highlights of a night that saw 2008 in with a bang:

8pm – Picked up by Steve from my place. I’ve pushed the boat out tonight-black hold ups, black thong my fave black dress and a very naughty push up bra. Plenty of slap and my fave bright red lippy. Steve assures me that I look amazing and gets a great view as I climb into his car… Now I see why he owns one of the lowest sports cars I’ve ever climbed into – No wonder he wanted to hold the door.

9.30pm – Party is in full swing. The drink is flowing and I’ve already had far too much. The house the party is at is massive and there must be 100 – 150 party people all looking to see New Year in with a bang! WOOOO HOOOO! I’ve been dancing my feet off and there are some hot guys here.

11pm – Things are starting to get hazy. I’ve been drinking and dancing and drinking some more. The guys have worked out that I’m a party girl and the tunes are perfect… Plenty of Dirty Dancing and Michael Jackson to get the party going. I’ve been teasing a couple of guys and they seem well up for it… I’m having fun and beginning not to care about how I look on the dance floor – which is packed with people all thinking the same. I hope!

11.30pm – (I’ve forgotten events from here so I’ll have to go on accounts from friends) There’s nothing wrong with dancing on tables is there? Apparently I’m off the scale with the dancing and the guys love it. (They would be as I had the shortest skirt on). My mates are trying to calm me down but I just won’t shut up about it being new years and there’s fun to be had. I’m also starting to snog the face off of any guys that are interested. Apparently I’m already in double figures (like I would be counting)… Wish I could remember…

12am – Happy New Year…. It’s carnage on the dance floor. Apparently I’m leading a riot. I promised the guys that I would get my tits out at midnight so I’m dancing around topless…At least I’m still standing… Apparently I gone mad giving everyone in the place a kiss (more of a snog) and there are hands all over me…. My friends have never seen me going so crazy… I even managed to get kisses from couples… Although I feel like I’ve made a fool of myself my friends assure me that everyone was loving it and there were guys taking turns to come back and snog the topless tease. Get in!

1am – It’s all going off… I’ve been snogging since midnight (that’s got to be true) and there’s still a queue of guys waiting their turn. Apparently things are beginning to go a bit further and my sluttier side is coming out with hands everywhere I’m told that I was very hands on myself. Again I wish I could remember it’s not every night you get to feel up a lot of hot cocks… Oh why did I drink so much?

1.30am – Can you believe it… I’m showing everyone at the party my blog! Apparently the guys took great pleasure in reading out my posts… I don’t know how many people were listening, but if you were and I don’t know you and your now a regular welcome… If you were involved in what happened next feel free to get in touch… I was so drunk by now I have no idea how I was conscious let alone able to get it on.

Some time after 1.30am – It’s suggested that I should make New Years a night to remember and give everyone an excuse to get a mention on my blog. One problem I can’t remember who was there but hey… Here’s what I got up to apparently!

I’m sat on the computer trying to hide the blogs when I’m dared to get my tits out again. Of course by now I’m so drunk I’ll do as I’m told so I pull my top off and unclip my bra. Apparently I then demanded to see some cock. A couple of guys stood up and pulled down their trousers and pants to show off their manhood. Big boys by all accounts. If you’re a regular you’ll know me and cock I’m hands on… To mouth on and it wasn’t long before two were four and then I had a line of guys with hard ons lining up. Now I wish I could remember this first hand but it might explain the state my hair was in, in the morning and the taste that I had in my mouth when I woke up. By all accounts I didn’t disappoint and when I asked my friend how many cocks she thought I’d sucked she said she’d left the room at 10… OMG but another friend said it was just three as the rest of the guys were too wasted.

She also said that she’d never seen me be so slutty and that at least three of the guys had fucked me. Now this is where my memory comes back a little and I can remember having sex with at least a couple of guys. I walked like I’d been riding a horse for the first couple of days of this year so I must have had fun!

Around 4am – Steve wakes me up to give me a lift home. Memories back.. I was in a right state but too tired to worry… Slumped in the back of Steve’s car and then the next thing I remember is waking up naked at around 3pm on the 1st Jan. Four messages on my mobile from my friends checking I was ok and looking to tell me more about my antics… What a night and what a start to 2008. As I said I’ve been in bed since with a heavy cold but it’s back to work on Monday so a quiet weekend. Hope you enjoyed an insight into my New Years and if I get any more memories back I’ll let you know…

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