Monday, 22 December 2008


Sorry... My last post was a bit of a tease... I just wanted to leave you wanting more!

If you're a regular reader of my blog you won't need to be a rocket scientist to work out what happened next anyway... Kerry and I caught up on Saturday for a drink before heading out to yet another party... When I get a mo I'll work out how many I've been to in the last few weeks. Needless to say I'm pretty much partied out!

Anyhow Kerry and I struggled to keep our hands off each other at the party and ended up in the ladies with Kerry's skirt round her knees and my face buried in her pussy before all the guests had even arrived. I wondered if the people I kissed could tell I'd been down on Kerry's pussy moments before? By 11pm I was propping Kerry up and it was obvious that she was in no fit state to do much more than lie out on the couch. I went off to find some water and came back to find her snogging the face off a complete stranger... (good girl). Even though they were in a dark corner it was obvious her hand was down the front of his pants, and his hand was up her skirt (lucky bastard).

I left them to it and hit the dance floor. It wasn't long before I had plenty of attention and a tall well built guy with blond highlights caught my eye. I danced up to him and rubbed my hands across his chest. He wasted no time grabbing me round the waist and pulling me close. I danced with him sliding up and down his leg rapping my hands round his waist. His mates were all cheering so I gave them a smile and started riding his leg. I didn't realise how horny I was and was really getting carried away much to the delight of the guy and his mates.

I whispered in his ear that I wanted a drink and took his hand and pulled him to the bar. We didn't make it and ended up snogging each others face off on the couch opposite Kerry. I didn't clock it at first but she had a little crowd gathered. When I came up for air I stood up on the couch to see what was going on. Kerry was on her knees giving two of three guys a wank with another cock in her mouth. Luckily they were in a dark corner but I knew that they weren't going to get away with it so I pushed my way through and told Kerry it was time to go. Despite the protests from her and the guys I pulled her away to the ladies just as two of the cocks exploded their load over her face and our hands.

When we made it to the ladies she was fuming and in a right old mess. Who was I to stop her? I could see her point but and I tried to explain that I thought she was so pissed she didn't know what she was doing. She could understand but asked me to leave her alone and walked out. I was pretty upset so I left the club and headed home. I still haven't heard from Kerry but I think that could be the end of our friendship. Maybe I'll drop her a text and see... RobinXXX

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