Sunday, 28 December 2008

Just a little bit special....

So what happened between Craig and I... Well he's been mailing me with pics and suggesting what he'd like to get up to for a while (he's not the only one but he lived closest). I decided that I'd drop him and e-mail and make him an offer he couldn't refuse. We meet at 1pm in a local not five minutes walk from Caz and Steve's where I'd been staying over Christmas. I hadn't packed a lot of clothes as I hadn't planned on 'heading out for a shag' but from what Craig had been saying in his e-mails I could have worn a bin bag and he'd have sprayed it with spunk. In fact a bin bag probably would have had that effect anyway....

Well I wore the shortest skirt I'd packed and some new undies that I'd got for Christmas. Well I say undies they were more like a little strip of silk with a touch of elastic. Is there a lot of difference? I wore a matching bra and a white blouse that showed off my boosted cleavage a treat and a new pair of black boots that my mum and dad gave me. When I walked in the pub I could see Craig waiting at the bar for me. After a hug a kiss on the cheek and a cheeky squeeze of my bum I was perched on a bar stool sipping white wine. No doubt giving Craig and the other punters a great view of my new undies. Hey it's Christmas and they're new OK?

Craig and I both knew what we'd came for and it wasn't long before he was leading me down the long corridor to the ladies (lovingly know locally as the landing strip). No sooner had the door shut than he was on me. I've had many a fumble in these cubicles but Craig was in no mood to fuck about. His fingers pushing the material of my undies into my wetness as he pushed his tongue down my throat. I had already unbuckled his trousers and had my hand wrapped around his hard on. Wanking away I had no idea he was so close to cumming. He paused grunted and shot a big wad of spunk out onto my skirt. That was followed by more blobs that landed on my boots and the floor. To say I was surprised is an understatement. Spunk was flying everywhere!

I lent back against the cubicle wall as Craig kissed his way down my neck and pushed his face into my hot pussy. Pulling my undies to one side he seemed determined to make me cum quickly too. Licking my clit, stabbing my wet hole with his tongue and then jabbing his tongue at my tight little hole. I could tell he'd been reading my blog as his tongue was hitting the spot perfectly and I was purring like a cat. Pushing his thumb hard against my clit he spat into my wetness and worked it hard as his tongue stabbed at my ring. I could feel my orgasm welling up inside and then I just had to let go. Flooding his tongue with my juices he licked for his life as I struggled to hold myself up.

By now Craig's cock was back and hard and as he stood up to give me a taste of my own wetness from his lips and tongue I wrapped my hand around it and guided it in one up to the hilt in my pussy. God it felt good as I was still getting twinges from my first orgasm. Wrapping my legs around him I could hear his balls slapping against my ass as he thrust deep building up a great rhythm and making me bite on my lip in between little yelps. He pulled his hips back and his cock slurped out of my pussy. I could feel him pushing it against my tight rim. Those that read my blog will know I'm not a big anal fan but fuck it, it was Christmas. So I winced as he pushed it in.

He was soon back up to speed and my legs were going again. He pulled out of my tight bum and slapped it straight up my pussy just as my second orgasm took hold. He had to literally hold me against the wall as I wailed around on the end of his cock. Then his spunk started pumping again and that was it. I nearly screamed the place down.... WOW! It took ages for us to get our breath back and we were both dripping with sweat and a lot more. I knelt down and licked Craig's cock clean making sure I did a good job and swalloed the lot.

I stood up and pushed my soaking panties in Craig's hand. Kissed on the lips and wished him a Merry Christmas. Walking home from the pub I could feel the spunk dripping down between my thy's. I was still buzzing when I made the house. Caz was sat in the lounge with Steve snoring away. "We didn't see you go our Robin" she commented.... "No I reply... Just down the pub for a quick one" I laughed. "Oh OK... Are you here for tea" Caz had no idea. I headed up to my bedroom and sat on the bed. My phone buzzed it was Craig with a picture of him sat in his car with cock rapped in my undies dripping in spunk. Dirty Bastard.... Robin XXX

PS: I hope you like the pic of me enjoying another of my Chrissy presents this morning. Thanks to Claire for this rather exciting double ender.. Do you think she's trying to tell me something? Maybe I should treat her and her hubby Gary one night next week?

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Geyser said...

Like what you've done with your mouth love! Didn't even recognize you with dark hair. Lovely licking your sticky cream from dark pubes I imagine.

Forgotten how slender N European women are. So petite, I'd be concerned for breaking you. ;)

Is making a whole weekend of staying in in winter and fucking an English thing?