Saturday, 13 December 2008

Just got home...

Well.... As I always say you guys love it when it's hot so to speak... Personally I'm freezing but I've just walked in and thought I'd share the last hour-ish... Your going to love it.

As you know it's Christmas party season so tonight I went out with a small firm I work with. I thought that there would be a few of their suppliers there but I was the only lucky enough to get an invite. The meal was fantastic although I'm wondering how I'm going to live on Turkey for another week? We finished at 11 and I was waiting outside with a guy called Dan.

We'd already worked out that we'd seen each other in the gym and that he was pretty fit in more ways than one. Anyhow he explained that his girlfriend was picking him up but he was sure I could grab a lift with them back to my place.

He'd called her and she was on her way. Now I hadn't dressed for a wait in the cold and the wind was freezing. My skirt was short and my blouse very thin.. I didn't have any undies on and a very skimpy bra so I was laterally freezing. Dan offered me his jacket(I thought he wanted to hang it on my nipples) so I jokingly said as I pulled it on "is there somewhere warm for my hands?" He smiled and said "well only down my pants". He was obviously joking having had a few and I don't think he knew who he was dealing with. I slide my hands up his shirt and then squeezed them down in his pants.... It was certainly warmer as my fingers brushed his pubes and the base of his cock.

I don't know if he was trying to resist but I pushed my hand deeper pulling him closer. My fingers pushed down either side of his cock. His hand brushed up the back of my leg up and under my skirt and onto my bum cheek. I didn't have much room but I could feel his cock harden between my fingers as I started to pull at his hot cock. His finger was hovering dangerously close to my pussy and then he pulled away nearly breaking my wrist as my hand was pulled from his pants. "My girlfriend will be here any minute" he protested.

"We'd better be quick then I argued" Pulling him back towards me. He pulled me close and grabbed both my bum cheeks pulling me tight against him. I unbuckled his belt and unbuttoned his jeans. Sliding my hand in his pants and rapping it round his hard cock. Wanking away at it's hard fat base.

Faster and faster Dan was moaning in my ear his fingers now more than exploring the folds of my dampening pussy. He braced himself and grunted filling his pants with hot spunk, jet after jet pulsing out I didn't think he was ever going to stop cuming. He was now fingering my pussy harder and I was moaning back in his ear my legs weakening. He pulled away again as headlights swung into the car park. He turned away obviously struggling to do up his trousers. The car pulled up and he saw it was his girlfriend and jumped in "all right babe. can we give Robin a lift home?"

His girlfriend had no idea what had just happened. "Of course" she said with a smile.

I could see Dan squirming all the way home obviously his spunky pants were giving him grief. My house was about 20mins drive when we pulled up I thanked Dan and his Girlfriend for the lift. Took off Dan's coat and climbed out of the car. Trying not to let my juices dribble on the seat. I've literally just come in sat down and typed this. I can still smell his cock and spunk on my hand and my pussy is soaking so I'm off to get ready for bed to carry on playing... you don't think I've just been sat here typing do you? mmm RobinXXX

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