Friday, 3 July 2009

A mouth full of cum and £50 in 3 minutes... Easy money!

I'm home early but I'm not complaining.... I headed down my local this evening we were all drinking in the garden and it was getting pretty rowdy. I was on the breezers and the girls started teasing one of the guys Stuart as he's been single for months.

Poor guy how could he defend himself, of course he'd been wanking himself silly for weeks. I love the thought of that. While I was away in the clouds thinking of him wanking Dave suggested (well shouted) that I'd give him head for £50. I laughed that off saying that I wasn't short on sex. But they all threw in some cash counted it up and there was £50 notes. I jokingly said buy me another Breezer and I'll do it. No sooner had I said that than two landed on the table!

"Ok drop em" Stuart blushed... "No it's OK" then everyone started chanting bj, bj, bj. Poor Stuart was stuck. I didn't really care either way but he didn't stop me unzipping his fly, pulling out his cock and when I put it in my mouth he certainly wasn't saying no! The guys had crowded round us cheering us on. I was slurping away like a right slut and the guys were encouraging me. I could tell that Stuart was doing his best to hold on as long as he could. The guys were all wooooo he's gona!!! Then I deep throated him. Much to the crowds delight. As I sucked off his cock gagging slightly the crowd cheered as Stuart unloaded over my face.

Hot blobs of spunk showered down over me. For someone that had apparently spent the last month wanking there was a lot of hot spunk! In fact there was so much that it ran down over my face an onto my top. I was soaked in sweat (yes I'd worked up a real sweat, it's warm out there) and cum. I scooped up what I could licking it of my fingers and with everyone cheering I darted off into the pub straight to the ladies. One of my friends (who's told me she's straight) Claire followed me in. "Fuck me Robin that was horny" Claire looked flushed. "Did you really swallow all of that spunk?" she asked.

"Of course" I replied showing her my empty mouth. "Dirty bitch" she said with a sly smile. I moved forward and kissed her... "Can you taste that cock?" She backed off... "Robin!"

I hoped she'd come back for seconds but she walked out of the ladies (well she sort of ran). I finished cleaning up and decided to head home rather than back to the garden and here I am telling you all about it! Enjoy Robin x :-)


Hubman said...

I think I hang out at the wrong bars! Damn, girl!

Anonymous said...

Ha! Indeed, Hubman, indeed.

Noddy Blue said...


Amy(LamBi)Ne said...


Why don't you and I quit our day jobs and go world wide bar hopping?

At that kind of incum, literally and figuratively, we can hire a couple of body guards to fill our other ends' needs.



Nolens Volens said...

Wow. You sure had the balls to go for the cock. ;)

Calculating Infinity said...

Thanks for the boner!

Anonymous said...

Great story! Loved it and btw, welcome back.

Anonymous said...

that was amazing Robin. Good to hear from again. LEt me know if you ever visit New York/ Philly. You should write your stories in a book. My cock is so hard at work, thanks dear:)

Anonymous said...

Wow that was hot and now I'm jealous! I wish I had that level of fun in everyday life!


From Fantasy to Fruition said...

sorry I'm late to the show on reading this post, but, could you check if any of the observers had the cell phone camera's rolling and post a sexy morsel?