Saturday, 25 July 2009

Thursday, Friday, Happy Days.....

Sorry.... I know you guys hate waiting for updates. I've just got home! Why? Well it's been a crazy couple of days. So make sure your sitting comfortably because this is worth reading but it might take me a while to bring you up to speed......

My first text from Rachel arrived at 11am on Thursday. "You still on for tonight babe? Coming for lunch?" Grrr... I wasn't in the office and there was no way of getting back in time for lunch from my morning meeting. "Sorry babe! Won't make lunch come round mine for 7pm my address is....". Rachel text back "I have to work is 9pm too late?" Bonus chance to get the gym and back before she comes I thought. "Yes 9pm is fine see you then sexy. Rx".

Luckily I was only in my afternoon meeting for an hour as the person that we needed to see had gone down with Swine Flu. That meant I was home for 5pm. I took a quick shower and shaved my legs, pits and pussy. Threw on my tracky bottoms and a t-shirt and headed for the gym. I was really pumped for my workout. After I headed to the changing rooms stripped off and went for a shower. All the time my mind was filled of thoughts of Rachel and what we might get up too later. My pussy had been wet all day and I had to remember where I was and stop myself from rubbing myself silly. I decided I'd better go and get dressed looking through my kit bag I realised that the pantie thief had struck again!

GOD! My mind had been so preoccupied I hadn't even given it a thought I checked round the changing room. It was quite busy and it could have been anyone. There was a cute blond that I thought might have a secret fetish (maybe just wishful thinking).

With nothing else to do I pulled on my tracky bottoms and realised that my bra had gone too... Was the pantie thief getting braver? Two souvenirs! Cheeky.. So I pulled on my t-shirt, it was obvious I had no bra on but there was nothing I could do. Luckily my tits are still pretty perky but gravity has taken it's toll and they are like they were in my late 20's!

Time was pressing on. I did think about reporting my loss but all I'd have to do is fill out a load of forms and it's unlikely they'd be as interested in catching the pantie thief as I am. On the way home I remembered that I need to to stop and get some wine. The young guy in the off licence thought all his birthdays had come at once when I walked in. His eyes nearly popped out of his head. I brought a couple of bottles of white. I couldn't resist bending over in front of him to make sure that I had no knickers on either. He was so flustered when I came to pay that I felt quite sorry for him.

All that flirting! I got home and stripped off. Just pulling on my dressing gown. Pouring a glass of wine and laying back on my couch. My pussy was throbbing and I couldn't resist rubbing it now. God I was sooo wet. It was ten to nine. I hoped Rachel wouldn't be late!

My door bell snapped me back into reality. I ran to the door opened it and Rachel was there with two of her friends (friends, they were never in my plan). "Robin I hope you don't mind but invited Jess and Caz". What could I say? I asked them all in, excused my state of dress and asked if anyone wanted a drink. I'd only brought two glasses into the lounge, "I'll just go and get a couple more glasses" I said heading into the kitchen.

Rachel followed me into the kitchen. "Robin, are you cool with the girls coming?" She asked. Of course I wasn't going to throw them out but my body language said it all. "Babe" said Rachel walking up behind me putting her hands round me and kissing my neck. I could have melted.

Rachel opened my dressing gown and run her hands down over my stomach. "mmmm Robin how fucking smooth and wet are you!" She whispered in my ear, I always think my pussy feels wetter when I don't have any pubes. Rachel was nibbling my neck as a finger eased between my wet folds. My heart was beating out of my chest as I leaned back against Rachel god she'd better not stop now! Thankfully Rachel wasn't planning on stopping as we kissed. My pussy leaked over her hand.

"Where are those drinks" came a shout from the lounge. "There coming!" shouted Rachel. "Me too" I moaned. "I know" said Rachel as she teased my clit and went back to sucking on my neck. My back arched and an orgasm exploded through me over and over making me push my hips back and fourth. I had to bite my lip hard not scream the house down and give the game away to Jess and Caz in my front room. Flushed and breathless I finally got round to pouring the drinks.

Rach carried them into the lounge while I pulled some kitchen towel and mopped up my juices. I went in and sat down next to Caz opposite to Rach and Jess. Soon the conversation was flowing, and of course horny Rach soon brought it round to my fav subject, SEX. We were quickly onto our second bottle of wine. Caz had swung her legs up onto the couch and I could resist rubbing her feet. Rach was doing the same to Jess and the conversation was flowing.

"So what's under your dressing gown" asked Rach.... "Ha" I laughed "Jess and Cass don't really don't want to know" I semi-protested. "We do, we do" they chanted. I stood up and dropped my dressing gown. Caz sat up and slapped my bottom. "Like that do you?" she teased. I smiled down at her as she slapped me again. This time her hand stayed on my bum, her fingers kneaded my reddening check and eased round between my legs. I parted them so that Caz could get right between them.

Rach and Jess were sat mouths open looking on. Caz's finger finally found my pussy pressing into my wetness. "She's bloody soaking" Said Caz. "I know" said Rach pressing a finger to Jess's face. "God that's smells of pussy" commented Jess. "Yes" Robin's pussy said Rach.

Caz pulled me back onto the couch and spread my legs wide. Here fingers parted my pussy. "Who's first" she asked Rach and Jess. I was so giddy and didn't care. Jess leaped of the couch and licked her way up from my foot down my leg. By the time her tongue hit my pussy I thought I was going to explode.

Meanwhile Rachel had stripped off and a was pulling down Caz's skinny jeans. I reached over and ran a finger down over her stomach. It met Rachel's tongue just as it jabbed it's way into Caz's pussy. Jess was in her element between my legs. So much for Rach's friends being a problem.

As she sucked my clit between her teeth my orgasm hit me hard... god. Then it just turned into a blurr of flesh. I ran up to my room and brought down my toy box. Rachel was still going down on Caz, her bum was high in the air and her pussy was just begging to be licked and toyed.

Giving it a cheeky slap I started licking her tight ring and then down to her juicy pussy. I pressed the head of the toy against her open pussy and started working it in and out. Caz was screaming (I think my neighbours are used to it by now) as her orgasm took hold. Rachel's body was arching and I could feel her pussy tightening round my toy. I pressed the button to the setting that always gets me off. Rachel was doing her best to hold on but her hips bucked and she sat up a little to moan as her orgsam took hold.

Jess was sat on the edge of my couch with one of my skinny vibes pressed deep into her wet pussy. I crawled over and took it from her. She laid back on the couch and opened her legs wide. Her pussy was dripping and I had to replace the toy with my tounge. Spreading her juices across her her pussy and pubes and watching as they dribbled out onto the couch (luckily it's leather).

She moaned and pulled my head hard against her wetness. Then I felt her pussy tighten and she let her orgasm go! God she was so wet, I thought she was going to drown me. Rachel was now between my legs. Holding my bum cheeks apart so Caz could squirt some lube round my tight bum hole. I held my breath as the toy pressed against my ring. It eased in and then Caz and Rachel took it in turns to push the toy in and out and finger my hot pussy. Jess was enjoying a second orgasm when mine hit and I just buried my face in her hot wetness....

For the rest of the evening we took it in turns to pleasure each other with our tongues, fingers and all of my toys. We ended up in a sweaty pussy soaked mess up in my bedroom. While Caz and Rach headed to the shower I played with Jess on my bed. She climbed on top of me and slide up the bed till her pussy was inches from my face. Pulling her pussy open she lowered herself on to my face. That's where she stayed until she'd orgasmed at least three times. I was in my element and covered in Jess's sticky juices as they ran down my tongue and out over my cheeks and face..

By now we were well into the early hours of Friday morning. So I suggested that they all stayed over. I woke up with Rachel on one side and Caz on the other. Jess was already up getting dressed. "I've got to get to work Robin" she whispered. I climbed over Caz and went down to see her off. Sharing a snog at the door Jess pressed a piece of paper into my hand and left. On it was written.. "No body has ever made me feel the way you do! Call me! Jess X X X"

I headed back to my room. I could hear moaning as I reached the top of the stairs. Caz was on top of Rach and they were enjoying a juicy 69'er. I went over to Rach and watched her tongue Caz's hot pussy. Licking round to her tight bum hole I pushed my tongue into her tight ring like the slut I am. It wasn't long before her body shock and she shuddered into climax over Rach. Her pussy and bum both pulsing hard on our tongues. This set Rach off too and I watched her face tighten while she wiggled around under Caz. While I shared a soapy shower with Rach, Caz dressed and left. It won't surprise you to know I was late for work yesterday! Robin XXX


Spnk MeRed said...

if there was ever a reason to be late....

BlueEyes69 said...

I want my Rachel!!!! ... and, yes, I agree with Spank Me

Advizor said...

No way, no freaking way.

Your real life is even better than my fantasy life.

I am sooooo jealous.

glosterdave said...

Wow, what can I say - hard again.

By the way - check your inbox.