Monday, 6 July 2009

Claire... Oh yeah!

After Friday's session down the pub and updating you guy's I went to bed but was in no mood for sleeping. I didn't realise how turned on I was until I touched my dripping pussy of course I had to bring myself off to a real leg trembling orgasm with my fav dildo.

I'd planned a shopping trip with my friends on Saturday. Plenty of talent out in town and after spending far to much I made it home and slumped down on my sofa just before 5pm exhausted.

My phone beebed into life a text! It was from Claire the girl I kissed and who ran, after Stuart's bj. "Hi Robin, Feeling naughty tonight? What are u up too babe? Cx" I texted her straight back "Just at home babe, always naughty. Fancy coming round? Rx" My pulse quickened and it seemed like an eternity before my phone beebed into life again. "Sounds fun, your address?" I text back my address now my heart was really beating.

I tidied my lounge threw on my joggers and a big baggy "what a babe" t'shirt. No bra or knickers, and poured a two big glasses of wine. I downed my first glass and poured another. My phone rang... It was Claire, she was in my street but couldn't find my house. Dizzy cow she was parked opposite!

I opened the front door and showed her into the lounge. She was babbling away nervously chatting about her day. I couldn't get a word in!

She had on a blue vest top and a short white skirt with white knee high boots. I couldn't keep my eyes off her long sexy legs framed by her boots and that little skirt. Of course I wasn't really listening, more dreaming about pushing my tongue between her thys. "Another drink?" I asked Claire had downed her first and I was now on my third and getting tipsy.

I sat down next to her on the couch. Before I could make my move... "You know when you kissed me yesterday Robin?" asked Claire. "Yes" I replied. Well you told me to taste Stuart's cock" she said. "Yes" I nodded. "Well I've been dating Stuart for 3 weeks and that's not the first time I've tasted his cock" she said with a giggle. WOW you could have pushed me over with a feather. "Sorry I had no idea" I stammered. "Of course you didn't, no one knew apart from the two of us and we both found it horny as fuck!" She smiled.

Then she leaned forward and kissed me. "How about you taste Stuarts cock on my lips? We've been fucking all day thanks to you!" I snogged her and my tongue licked round her lips savouring the taste of Stuarts cock again.

My hand slid up her thy and a finger pushed against her pussy (mmmm no undies). "Stuarts cock has been busy in there too Robin, do you want to taste it!" I could feel how wet Claire was and I guessed that it wasn't just her juices that were matting her pubes. I spread her thys and slid her back on the couch pushing her skirt up around her waist.

I took a long look at her pussy as I spread her lips and dipped a finger into her wetness. She was moaning loudly. When I pushed my tongue between her lips she bucked her hips off the couch. I was in ecstasy too and I wanted her to feel the full force of my hot tongue and lapped away jabbing at her clit and between her lips with my tongue. She grabbed me round the back of my head and pulled me tight against her hot pussy orgasming hard against my hot tongue.

My face was dripping with a mix of her pussy and Stuarts spunk when I finally came up for air, licking my lips...mmmmm juicy. Claire was just lying back on my couch breathless with her pussy exposed, what a slut, I just wish I'd had my camera. That picture would have done it for all of you!

Claire sat up and grabbed my joggers. Pulling them down round my knees. "MMMM Robin I've never tasted pussy! Are you ready for me?" Well I didn't need asking twice. I sat back on the couch and pulled my legs up to my shoulders. Pulling my pussy open so Claire could see just how horny I was. If her first touch was tentative then her second showed no nerves. Pressing her tongue just above my tight bum hole and licking round to my clit. Sucking my little clit into her mouth and working it into a frenzy!

I was orgasming. really orgasming! Claire was good, very good! For her first time she'd hit me spot on and I was loving it. Screaming as I pushed my pussy and pumped my juices into her face. MMMM She looked up at me coated in my pussy juices. Smiled and went back down on me. Good girl! My second orgasm was even more intense than the first and I called Claire all the names under the sun.

Now it was my turn to lie back on the couch breathless. I'm glad Claire didn't have a camera although you guys are gutted. I was just getting my breath back when her phone rang.

"Yes Stuart I'm just finishing up her come meet me in five" said Claire.

I pulled up my joggers and straighten myself up "Stuarts coming?" Yes but we have to go tonight. We can't stay tonight Robin but we'd like too. Talk about gutted. Stuart walked up to my front door. I answered, "she just cum" I said with a wink! Giving Stuart a kiss on the lips. "I hear you'll be cumming too next time!" Stuart smiled and Claire came out and kissed me and then kissed Stuart. "See you soon Robin".

I'm still waiting for that text message. Hopefully I'll get it sometime this week. All I have to decide is whether to bring my Suzie. Robin X :-x


Ed said...

hubba hubba hubba!!!! My turn soon!

glosterdave said...

Hi Robin,

Glosterdave here. Just started a blog here on eblogger

Keep in touch if you can


Anonymous said...

wow, Robin, that was was fabuluosly horny intake for me this morning. i would love to see your pussy wet. I guess for now a picture will have to do:) Lucky friends you have.:)