Wednesday, 22 July 2009

YES! My sexy's back!

I decided to head to the pub again for lunch today. Rachel had made my day yesterday and as I'm out of the office tomorrow and Friday I figured I'd have to wait till Monday to see her again.

I sat down at the bar and Rachel came right over. She took my order and complimented me on my hair... nice. She was back in two with my cutlery and we got chatting as the pub was quiet. Mostly small talk but then she asked me if I was single. Of course I seized the chance to change the topic and said that I was as I like to keep my options open.... with a smile.

Rachel took my flirting in her stride and just as things were hotting up the bell rang to say my food was ready. Rachel ran back to the bar her cute little bum wiggling in her hot pants. She came back with my food and asked if she could get me anything else. "Your mobile number would be nice?" She smiled and scribbled it down on her order pad. Under her number she wrote "call me soon".

As regulars know I'm never been on to be backwards in coming forwards. I sent Rachel a text... "See me in the toilet in 5! Robin X" I saw Rachel check her phone and she smiled over at me. Peep peep... "Make it ten - I'm all yours! Rx". My pulse quickened and I could feel my pussy starting to juice up a little. I tried to eat my food but my heart was pounding. I finished my salad rap and walked calmly over to the loos.

I couldn't see Rachel in the bar but I thought I'd wait for her in the ladies. I didn't need to wait no sooner I had pushed the door open that Rachel rapped her arms round me. I kissed her slipping my tongue between her lips. My hands running down her back and down into her hot pants. She had a smooth bum and she kissed me hard as I cupped her cheeks. Her hands were no on her way down my back. Pulling my blouse from my skirt she kissed her way down my neck and to my stomach pushing me back against the sinks.

I unbuttoned my skirt sliding it down round my ankles sitting up on the sink top with my legs spread. Rachel fingered the material of my undies into my wet pussy... She purred and kissed her way up between my legs. Licking the top of my thy I could feel her breath on my hot pussy. God I wanted her. I didn't have to wait as she pulled my undies to one side and her tongue hit my clit. Jabbing it at first and then a long lick up my pussy before sucking it into her mouth. Rachel was no novice.

She pulled my pussy open and lapped away. My turn to purr, she was really hitting the spot. Her finger probed the depths of my pussy I arched my back and she added another working up a pace. I was in heaven. Although it's only been days I was so glad to have somebody else touching my pussy and it wasn't long before my first orgasm pulsed through me. That didn't stop Rachel she sucked and slapped my pussy, driving me wild then a second hit me. Much harder than the first my hips bucking up off the sink top much to Rachel's delight.

I was left breathless but I was desperate to get into Rachel's hot pants.... I pulled them down to her knees. No knickers, my kinda girl. Her pussy was soaked and I licked my way up her thy and went to work on her pussy. Her pubes were neatly trimmed which showed off her pussy beautifully my tongue explored her folds and her juices dribbled over my tongue... She leaned back against the sink top and spread her legs wider and pulled my head into her pussy.

I pressed a finger to her clit and dipped my tongue into her hot pussy. Working up a rhythm she was moaning loudly and then her orgasm pulsed through her. "MMMM Robin... Keep going" I didn't want to stop and after all she'd given me a second orgasm. I sucked her clit between her teeth and jabbed at her hole. It was pouring with her juices and they ran out over my chin. Then she orgasmed again. Just like mine the second was bigger and her juices poured out down over her thys and I did as much as I could to catch them with my tongue.

I kissed my way back up her body.... kissing her I let her taste her juices on my lips as I tasted mine. MMMM she pulled up her shorts and gave me a kiss... "Call me later, I'm busy tonight but maybe we could do this again tomorrow?" said Rachel. "Of course" I replied. She left the loo and I left the pub to head back to work. I spent the rest of the afternoon in a daze I decided to go for a run when I got in... then I had a bath... I can't get Rachel out of my head. Roll on tomorrow! Robin :-)x


glosterdave said...

I knew you hadn't lost your touch ;)

Anonymous said...

Happy ending. Men and women need to build this kind of relationship all across the land.

Anonymous said...

Woo Hoo!!

Anonymous said...

Oh what a turn on, i`m now horny.

BlueEyes69 said...

I hope you come to Virginia sometime. You're hot, hot, hot! Keep up the good work, 'cause I'm following now and I don't want to miss a thing.

If you get a chance, stop by my blog, updated with a new name and fresh look today. We seem to have a lot in common, so I think it would be fun to keep in touch!

Gemini said...

I've a feeling your sexy never left...simply a lack of opportunities...

It seems you have found yourself a source of "opportunity" for the future as well...good for you

Ed said...

yum..nxt time take a photo!