Tuesday, 7 July 2009


Ha! That got you thinking hey. Although I do have some fun news for you. Guess what? Yes the pantie thief has struck again. I came back from the shower my panties were gone and there was no one around. That will teach me to leave them lying on top of my bag. I'm wondering whether the same person took them? When I was getting changed there were only other women in the changing room so guys maybe you'll get your dream. If I ever catch them!

God right now I'm feeling very horny I had the choice of coming home in my gym shorts or my very short skirt. You guys already know which one I went for. Oh and how could I resist bending over to pick up something in front of the reception desk. The poor guy on receptions eyes nearly popped out of his head. My cute little bum and pussy giving him a wink god I'm feeling so cheeky!

Time for bed now... Well time for me to lie on my bed... I don't think I'll be sleeping for a while I'm already dripping! It's toy time! No news from Claire or Stu yet. I've sent a few but nothing back! Hopefully I'll hear from them tomorrow! Robin :-) x


Freddy said...

Hi, i'm Freddy from Brasil.
I like so much your blog and photos, (you have an beautiful body) please post more pics for me or send to my e-mail (lemmorack@gmail.com), a little sex addict...

Gray said...

Hahah someone likes you..;)