Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Questions, Questions, Questions.... Part 1

Questions... Here goes... Some of you have asked more than three.... Naughty but nice!


RIV asked...

What are the things you haven't had a chance to do in which you're dying to try?

Ha.. I've been lucky... I love group sex and I'd like to try a bit more dogging! Last time I did that I found it a real turn on. I'll try anything once though. Bring it on!

Advisor 54 asked...

What % of your blog is true? exaggerated? complete fiction?

There's a little bit of exaggeration.... but why lie when the truth is easier to remember!

How did you lose your virginity to men? to toys? to women? anally? orally? (i guess these are "1st time" stories

Read through my posts... There are lots of first time stories in there!

Have you ever shagged someone famous?

No, I wish! Shagged a few lookalikes!

Who was the prettiest woman you have ever known? What made her special?

God... That's a tough question ask me another!

Have you ever thought about settling down?

LOL... common question..... What do you think!

Have you ever been in love?

Of course... Everyone has a first love! Right now I'm in love with a plastic sex toy that came in a box from a stranger! Sorry Suzi, you're great but I'm not in love with you yet!

Do you worry that your sexual side has move from fascination to addiction?

No I try not to worry about anything. Being as risque as I'm if I worried I'd stop doing what I'm doing. I look at it that as long as I'm having fun.... I'm not surprised that I'm addicted to sex! Who wouldn't be if they had the choice?

What is the scariest sexual experience you have ever had?

First time I had group sex! I love cock but there were far to many horny guys for me I felt a little intimidated. A friend of mine had told me about her first experiance and I was paranoid that the cocks were going to spunk all over me without doing anything. Once I'd had a couple of sessions and got into it I couldn't believe what I'd been missing! I might write up a post on this one

What is the highest number of orgasms have you had in a single session, day, week?

I'd like to say I'd lost count! It has to be 6 or more! Some days I just have too orgasm! The most I have had when I've been at work is 4.

What is the most unusual place you have had an orgasm, through masturbation or sex?

Ha.. Lots of strange places I would have to say in my friends wardrobe. It's happened twice once when I watched her take her best friends fem to fem cherry. The second time she had 8 guys cum over her and in her face.

The first time I was loving it the second time I was hiding in sheer terror (that willy thing again I think). At the time the most cocks I'd taken on had been one on one. I sometimes wish I could go back now I'd burst out ready for action. Both times made me very horny but I had to orgasm quietly!

What is your favorite sexual memory?

My first times... The first of many but still nothing beats the first time you do something!

Have you ever cried during sex, tears of joy, pleasure, sadness, or despair?

All of the above! I laughed till I cried once too!

What is the longest time you have gone without an orgasm? without sex?

Lost my virginity at 14 so I guess that was the longest!

What is the farthest you have traveled (intentionally) for a fuck?

Ha... If they'll paying I'll travel as far as they like if they're worth it.

Jus asked...

1. Would you ever fuck any of your blog followers?

Of course... I met a some people when my blog was on Heaven Blogs. I've not met anyone from this blog!

2. If i visit you in UK, can we get a drink together?

Always up for a drink! I think we'd have more than that if you came all this way!

3. Would you every get married in a monogamous relationship?

I've thought about getting married. But monogamy... Lol I don't think I could!

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Anonymous said...

in love with a plastic sex toy, i knew there was a reason i liked you