Saturday, 18 July 2009


Things have really been quiet of late.... I hope it's because everyone is off on their hols. I went to the gym on Thursday evening with a little surprise for my pantie thief. Inspired by one of the comments on a previous post I spent an hour before heading to the gym playing with myself in one of my fav black thongs.... By the time I took them off they were dripping wet.

I think it was the thought of what might happen if I caught the thief (don't forget to vote on what I should do to them!). Anyhow I placed them on top of my bag and went off to the shower. The smell of them should attract the thief, I could smell the musk coming from them and I was feeling super horny.

Just as I was about to leave the changing room a group girls in their late teens/early twenties came in from the pool. They we all in the same swimming costumes so I guess they were practicing for a gala. I bottled it and decided that I'd push my undies back to the bottom of my bag. Maybe next time!

I showered changed and headed home. Another evening on my own.... If it carries on like this I'm going to need some new batteries! Robin xxx


glosterdave said...

Mmm, I am hard thinking of your wet panties sitting there waiting to be stolen. I wish I had them know as I am about to post another blog entry and then bring myself off.

Keep in touch


glosterdave said...

Hi Robin,

Something in your inbox for you.