Friday, 3 July 2009

Hey I'm back....

Where do I start! It's been a busy week, very busy.

I've been so busy that I just haven't had the time to update my blog which has been a nightmare. This weeks been hot, hot, hot hasn't it. I've loved the heatwave. I've been wearing next to nothing (no undies for the last three days!) and walking to work and back everyday. I'd love to say I've caused a few accidents but all I've heard is toot toot... alright darling! As an attention seeking bitch I've loved it!

Even though I wanted to 'sniff out' the pantie thief I skipped the gym on Tuesday and Thursday. Far to hot to be sweating! Well in the gym anyway! I'm glad you guys loved the pantie story and thanks for all the comments! You know how much I love the comments and there were some great ones there!

Silky's comment really reminded me of my college days and a guy called Simon. I found out that he had been sneaking into my room and taking my dirty undies. One day I caught him wedging them down his pants. He tried to run so I dragged him into my room and sat him on the end of me bed. Grabbing at the pantie material sticking out the top of his trousers I shouted. "What are these doing here!" tugging at the undies I pulled them out from his trousers". Are these what I think they are?" He stuttered and stammered, before he could get the words out I started pushing my panties into his mouth. Which soon shut him up!

I pushed him back on the bed and his hard cock was standing proud. Pushing hard against his jeans, after all it had just been rapped in my panties. I prodded it with my finger "so you dirty little pantie thief my undies turn you on do they?" He nodded. I unbuckled my jeans and pulled them off. "Back on that bed!" he'd tried to sit up to see me. He dropped his head. I climbed onto the bed and straddled him. With my pantie clad crotch inches from his face I began rubbing my pussy. My juices spread across the black material. I kept on rubbing, tweaking my clit. Obviously my panties were working like a gag in Simon's mouth but his eyes said it all and he was moaning loudly.

My juices were pouring through the material and running down my thys. I touched my finger on the end of his nose. Not that he couldn't already smell my pussy trothing up in his face. I always get wet but there was something about what I was doing to Simon and what it was doing to me. Then it hit me. My orgasm sent me into ecstasy thrusting my juicy crotch against Simon's face as I orgasmed again and again and again. Screaming the joint down.

I climbed off Simon and slide my hand down his pants to find he'd filled them with his cum, and his limp cock was still throbbing. Naughty boy!

With my pussy still pulsing I lied on the bed next to Simon exhausted. He pulled the panties from his mouth and shoved them down his pants "they'll soak that up" then he pulled off my panties and went down on me. His technique was a little rough but it wasn't long before another orgasm ripped through me. I just lied there screaming pouring more juices over Simon's tongue. While I got my breath back he pocketed my panties and left my room. Robin :-)

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Amy(LamBi)Ne said...

Hey Robin,

Let's play Simon sez together next time.
Simon didn't have to say much of anything, did he?

Hot story!