Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Sooo Suzie

Now I'm not boasting here but I think that I've had enough sex to have seen and done most things in my 34 years. If I've not tried it then I've either seen, heard or watch it. Well that was what I thought until Suzie came round on Saturday night!

By the time she knocked on the door I thought I was going to collapse. After trying on a dozen different outfits I'd gone for the works... White hold ups, no undies... well I did start with a matching pair but they were dripping as soon as I pulled them on so I took them off again. I had a short black skirt (easy access) and a white blouse and bra. I'd straighten my hair and put on a bit of makeup, not too much just enough. Even though I do say so myself I felt that I had the look down and the thought of Suzie between my legs had me buzzing! I'd been sat on the couch playing with myself before I started pacing up and down waiting for Suzie.

I could see as she strolled up the drive Suzie had gone to town too a beautiful white dress which showed her body off perfectly:-). I opened the door with a big hi and she came in. She was carrying a holdall which I put on the stairs. Showing her through to the lounge I offered her a drink. Pouring a large glass of red wine I sat down next to her on the couch. She took a sip on her wine and pinned me to couch. Straddling me we kissed sending an electric shock through my body. Her hands were all over me and she seemed to like the fact that I could part my legs a little and let her fingers explore my wet pussy. She practically purred in my ear... mmmm

Of course I wanted to taste her pussy. She'd already had her turn and I owed her one. I kissed my way down over her neck pulling the strap of her dress to one side and sliding her boob out of her bar. Her nipples were stiff and hardened further as I teased them with my tongue. Pulling her dress down I now had both of her nipples to tease. Suzie was moaning loudly and didn't mind swinging off me and slumping back on the couch as I lifted her dress. She stood up and slid it off, standing naked in my lounge.

I pushed her back onto the couch and licked down my belly to her pussy.... mmmm Suzie was dripping. I lapped away at her juices and she pushed her hips forward against my lips. I was determined to give Suzie an orgasm to remember and tonged, licked and sucked on her pussy making her grown. The started moaning that she was cumming, then screaming that she was cumming and then as her hips bucked and I held on for my life. Suzie's juices coated my face and tongue and she was panting away as I kissed my way up her tensing body stopping to suck on her nips before kissing her hard so she could taste her own juices....

Suzie didn't take long to get her breath back. I stripped off in front of her teasing my own nipples that were incredibly hard, turning round I bent over and touched my toes. My pussy squeezing between my legs. I could feel my own juices running down my thys. Suzie sat up and licked her way up my thy stopping at my pussy. Her long tongue teased it's way into my wetness, now I say she had a long tongue and this was just the start of her talents. When Suzie went down on my in the sauna I thought there was something special about her. I'd put it down to technique but now I realised it was down to her extraordinary tongue.

I was panting in no time... She pulled on my cheeks spreading my bum. Her tongue traced up across my tight ring and up to the base of my spine. I gasped as she licked her way back down. Stopping to dribble spit against my tight ass hole. She licked my pussy again and my legs started shaking and I was nearly screaming the place down. The she tonged my ass again.. God her spit had loosed my hole and her long tongue was probing away...

I was hanging on trying to fight my orgasm as I didn't want Suzie to stop. As I mentioned I thought I'd seen and done it all but Suzie had me at her mercy with her tongue in my bum. She reached round and replaced my finger on my clit with hers teasing it hard as she jabbed away. It was all too much a real screamer ripped through me and fell face first onto the couch. Luckily Suzie held on and as I screamed away she jabbed her tongue from my pussy to my bum. I just whimpered away and continued to do so as she licked up all of my juices.

We took time out for a glass of wine cuddling up on the couch I started playing with her toes. Suzie liked that and asked if I could pass her her bag. She unzipped it and tipped the contents of the bag out on my couch. A gag, some leather straps, a mask and selection of sex toys. I melted back into the couch.... "are these for me?" I said with a smile. Suzie said nothing and headed off to my kitchen. She walked back in with one of my kitchen chairs and picked up what looked like a horse whip.... "Sit here" she ordered... I wasn't going to argue as Suzie strapped me to the chair so that my legs were spread. The gag was a little uncomfortable but I wasn't going to say no. I was shaking with anticipation.

Suzie sat in front of me and licked up my thys... Picking up one of the bigger dildo's she rubbed it across my face.... Then pushed against her lips leaking a line of spit down over the tip. Then she pressed it against my pussy. I was so wet that the tip slid in easily the toy was so big that I could feel my pussy stretching. It would have been painful if I hadn't been so turned on and Suzie knew it. She stood up her pussy inches from my face and pushed the vibe into her pussy. I eased in and I could see her pussy spreading wide dripping juices down her thys and the toy. She pushed and pulled it and then pulled it out spraying me with juices before slapping it against my cheek and going back down on my pussy.

This time there was no stopping and the fact that I was at her mercy made it all the more exciting. I bit hard against the gag and started orgasming over and over and over as she worked the vibe deeper and deeper then I my pussy just bust all over the toy the chair and Suzie's face... it was sooo intense. While I got my breath back Suzie sat back on the couch just watching me tied to a kitchen chair lost in the moment.

Of course that wasn't the end of our evening but I've just realised how long this post is.... Robin :-x PS: I hope you like the pic... I took it on my phone on Sunday morning... What a wake up call!


Advizor said...

Your posts are always worth waiting for. The image of her relaxing on the couch while the aftershocks of your orgasm washed over you while tied to the chair are just too much.

I'm going to be smiling all day at the thought.

Sheen V said...

Mmmm, tell us more!

Amy(LamBi)Ne said...

You didn't have to beg Suzie to STOP did you?
Sounds like you still owe Suzie one?


Anonymous said...

Well, then. You make my life look like fucking nursery school :-)

Alisha and Brett said...

Wow, can't wait to hear more!

Anonymous said...

Hey Robin

You just get me going. I just cant focus now:) Love the details and oozing over th pic. love your blog from Philly, usa