Sunday, 7 June 2009

Were they or weren't they?

Yeah I know, it's been a week since I updated my blog! I've been busy topping up my tan having sex and of course work always gets in the way too. I've been dying to update my blog. Thanks for the comments on the pic! I still have no idea who send me that but I love it when you guys get involved in my blog.

This weeks been a funny one. I popped home at lunch a couple of days to grab some lunch and do some sunbathing, dangerous I know!

My back garden is a great suntrap and doesn't get ''that' overlooked and I decided that I strip off and try and beat some of the tan lines. I was very conscious that I was lying naked in my back garden (being naked doesn't seem to affect me anywhere else). I know one of my neighbours has at least one teenage son! But I soon got into it and on day two I was counting the hours to lunch.

Just a shame I didn't have anyone with a camera otherwise I'd treat you guys to a pic! I still have the tan lines but they aren't as bad as they were. The only advice I would give is use a good factor sun cream, I was feeling the burn. Rubbing in the after sun was nice though!

Yesterday, I headed round to a friends house for a BBQ she's in charge of our accounts department and of course owns a massive place. Her back garden would be perfect for a bit of naked bathing althought there were far to many people there to stip off. The good news is that she has an amazing hot tub. I'd give a few people from work a lift so I wasn't drinking but I in a fun mood (fun read horny). I'd taken my bikini and couldn't wait to dive in (well take seat) the hot tub. I sure that it wasn't designed for 12 people but it was fun. There were body parts everywhere and Lot's of flesh on show. It was easy to grope without being caught and who knows who's what's I was grabbing at times!

I was sat next to a girl called Karly she was stunning in a black sheen bikini and she introduced me to her friends Julie, Claire, Steve and Gary. Sitting there bubbling away Karly kept on rubbing her feet on Julie and Claire. Then while she was chatting away her foot disappeared under the bubbles and Clare went very quiet. It wasn't long before I could see a Claire's foot resting on Karly's chest her toes needing away at her breast. Then her leg locked and her face tensed! Had Karly hit the spot? Was that Claire orgasming in a hot tube full of people?

I think I was too busy watching Claire getting off to clock Steve sat next to her. Again I can't be sure but I think that Claire's hand might have been busy under the bubbles adding some man juice to them. I just wish that I'd been sure and able to join in the fun... MMMMM it's kept me busy for the past few days I can tell you. Robin :-x


Anonymous said...

Hey Robin,

I have been following for bit now. You are the only blog that follow religiously. I love your details and place that you put self in. I am Jealous of you:)


Advizor said...

I have a camera and love to travel.

For self portraits, you can always try one of these...