Thursday, 11 June 2009


Why does life and more so work have to get in the way of blogging.... I thought I'd posted the latest below but it turns out it was waiting to be posted... Sorry... You get two posts in one day as a bonus.

It's been a busy week yesterday was a highlight. I had an appointment with an important client to pull together a large contract. I was wearing a grey trouser suit, black heels, a white blouse and white bra and thong. Business like but hopefully dressed to impress. Simon picked me up from the office and we were supposed to be working but he had other ideas and took me to dinner at a very posh and expensive restaurant.

Of course I drunk far to much and we ended up back at his hotel room. So today I'm walking with a bit of a limp. I'm not saying that I don't enjoy rough sex but Simon really really fucked me hard. He didn't have the biggest of cocks but was pretty buff, obviously works out a lot and loves rough sex! The fact that he didn't seem to want to stop having sex didn't help and I lost count of the number of orgasm I had yesterday afternoon and evening.

So I might have to stay off sex for a couple of days (not that I need much now!). I usually have a quick play in the morning before work but this morning it was far to sensitive. The good news is that the contract has come through on e-mail this morning signed and sealed. The bad news is that Simon text'd me asking me if we can meet next week when he'll be down this way! I'll have to think about that one! Robin :-)


Amy(LamBi)Ne said...

Simon likes Asian girls? I'll take half your work load
with a FMF?


Anonymous said...


this is the one of few times, you seem to have bad taste after major fucking:) must have been really rough. Robin, i love to get to know you more. you are very intriguing.


Anonymous said...

i heard through the grapevine that simon cowell likes rough sex

robin, you didn't, did you? ;)

Robin said...

Amy... Now your talking.. I'd love to have a FMF session with Simon and you... I was screaming my head off and it would be a real turn on to watch you getting it hard.

It's not so much of a bad taste as much as a sore pussy! I don't mind rough sex but when you have to walk with a limp I think it might have been a bit rough... lol

Simon Cowell... I wish I was signing a contract with him... He's minted... Be good to find out what he was like in the sack too.

Amy(LamBi)Ne said...


Talk about sore puss. Ever had a black dick? I'm quite petite - among Asian girls. It sure feels good (to have one inside me). I'm not really so much sore as becoming very sensitive afterwards.

No one ever told me I walked with a limp, but I always waddle like a duck - heavy behind.

Lovely chatting with you.


Anonymous said...

robin, would you mind adding your symbol to my followers box? trying to win the bet y'know...