Friday, 19 June 2009

Last night....

After getting myself all excited at work (and spending far to long in the ladies loo) I decided to join the crew for a drink at the local after work yesterday. The sun was trying to come out and we sat in the garden chatting about work and catching up. I hadn't realised how long it had been since I'd had a good natter with the guys from the office. It's always good to catch up on office gossip, of course I like to keep up to speed on who's shagging who as it's good to know who's putting themselves about. Well at least I think it is and some of the story's are pretty graphic.

Anyhow as the evening went everyone made their excuses and headed home leaving me on my own. Now I'm not boasting (OK I am) but I'm never at a bar on my own for long. Two very smartly dressed business types (James and Rich) got chatting and offered to by me a drink. Of course one drink became three drinks and after starting at 6pm and it now being 9pm I was getting a little tipsy to say the least.

The guys had swung the conversation around to sex pretty early on in the evening with a few innuendos but I think I caught them both of guard when I asked where they were staying. Next thing I know the three of us are in a cab on the way to their hotel. I'd clocked one of the guys had a wedding ring but that had disappeared when he'd gone to the loo so I knew that I could be in for a treat. In the taxi there hands were all over me. Sliding up my skirt and you can imagine their delight when they found out I wasn't wearing any undies.

James or was it Rich let his finger explore my folds while Rich or was it James started kissing my neck and groping my boobs through my top. We rushed through the hotel and up to the guys room. While one poured the drinks the other unbuttoned my blouse sliding it off my shoulders. He quickly unclasped my bra and through it on floor. He stood up and took off his shirt and tie and undid his trousers. As he pulled them down his cock sprung to attention under his boxxers.

I downed the Martini that I'd been poured and while Rich undressed I started to wank Jame's cock through his boxed before pulling them down. It was a fair size and coated in precum. As I pressed it to my lips I could feel Rich's hands working my shoulders and coming down to my nipples. His cock pressing against the back of my head. I started deep throating James much to his delight and Richard's encouragement.

As he fucked my throat I could feel his cock swelling. He pulled out of my mouth and I just had enough time to open it as the first hot jet of spunk fired from his throbbing cock. It hit me right at the back of my throat. I gaged a little and closed my mouth meaning that the following jets coated my face making me look like a right porn star.

Rich and James swapped places and Richard's cock was rock hard. Not as big as Jame's but a lot fatter. I had to open wide to fit it in my spunk filled mouth and the width meant I couldn't take it as deep but Rich didn't seem to care as James called me all the names under the sun, which for some reason I always find a turn on. I didn't expect Rich to hold out as long as he did, but he was soon spunking all over my face there was so much it ran down onto my boobs and down onto my dress.

While Rich took a breather Jame's was nice and hard again and had been wanking himself into a frenzie. I stood up and walked over to the big double bed kicking off my shoes and stepping out of my skirt. James pushed me back onto the bed and licked his way up my leg. Of course I was dripping and Jame's tongue lapped up all of my juices sending pulses through my sweaty body.

He turned me over onto all fours and lifted my hips pulling me onto his cock. I buried my head in the pillow as he started to build a rhythm. I was so horny that I wasn't going to hold out for long and a screamed into the pillow as I orgasmed hard on Jame's cock. That sent him off pumping what felt like gallons of spunk inside me.

I collapsed in a heap on the bed. Then I felt a finger teasing my pussy, squeezing my lips and making Jame's hot spunk dribble out down my thys and onto the duvet. Scooping up a finger full of goo Rich rubbed it around my tight ring loosening it up so he could press in his finger. I whimpered and pushed my bum in the air. I could feel his fat cock teasing my bum hole and I braced myself as he started pushing. I could feel myself stretching and I thought it was going to hurt but he soon had his cock inside me and it felt so horny as he began to thrust away.

James crawled under me and started teasing my pussy with his tongue watching his mates cock stretch and slide in and out of my ass as his spunk dripped out of my pussy. Rich had built up a good rhythm when another orgasm leg go. He rode it out and upped the pace further. I was moaning and James was shouting at Rich "to do her harder!"

Then Rich stopped and I felt him explode in my bottom. Pulse after pulse as he came again and again deep inside me. He pulled out and gave my bottom a little slap. His spunk came gushing out and mingled with Jame's. Making me feel like a right dirty slut!

James pulled out his phone from his trouser pocket and took a pic (the cheeky beggar). They left me lying on the bed naked full of spunk and exhausted. It took me a while to get my breath back and it was getting late.

I took a shower and was quite surprised the guys didn't join me (I think I'd exhasted them) when I was dressed they offered to pay for my cab. The hotel wasn't that far from my house but I didn't fancy walking. Before I left I gave them each a cheeky kiss pressing my mobile number into their hands (along with if you're in town again call me). After a few days without cock it was great to make up for it with two.

The good news is that Suzie has said she might come round tonight I just hope she doesn't want to go near my bum as it's so sore today! Robin :-)


Amy(LamBi)Ne said...


Did you get a copy of the snap of your snatch?
Do show!

-Hot Wife Amy

mommasboy said...

I agree with amy, HAve him send you that photo of your pussy and ass dripping with cum....