Monday, 22 June 2009


Last nights BBQ was a bit of a let down. As I thought having it on a Sunday evening meant that there weren't so many people up for letting it all hang out with work on Monday morning. As much as I didn't want to stop me I wasn't really in the mood for drinking and stayed on the lemonade all evening. I heard rumours of someone walking in on a bj in the downstairs loo.

I did walk in on a friend of mine Claire and Josie in the kitchen looking guilty. I used to work with Claire and I know that she has a bi side (I found out through a drunken fumble at a Christmas party) and Josie had come on her own. Was that pussy I could smell? Who knows if they had sticky fingers but I have a good nose and I know what a well fingered pussy smells like. They were both wearing very short skirts and when I walked in Claire did say "thank god it's only you Robin" and I did say "don't let me stop you" but I think I'd killed the moment as they headed out into the garden with their burgers.

Maybe next time. I've got a busy afternoon full of meetings at work so I'll catch up with you later all being well. Sorry there was no juicy gossip and just a tease today. Imagine how I felt! More Later Robin :-X

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