Friday, 12 June 2009

So much for staying off sex.....

I know you guys love it when I blog straight after sex so here I am.... I know that I said that I'd have to take some time to let my bruising go down but it's not every week that I get touched up and licked out in the Sauna down the gym and everyone knows my attitude is take it when it comes.

For some reason it was really quiet in the gym tonight and when I when into the sauna there were only two of us in there it made a nice change. I got chatting and found out that Suzie was a regular and normally trained on a Wednesday. As we chatted away she moved down and sat next to me which I thought was a bit odd. We were chatting generally when she asked me if I had a boyfriend... When I said no she asked if I had a girlfriend... I laughed and asked her the same question.

She smiled and said she liked to keep her options open.... putting her hand on my thy. Now I've often wondered if it's possible and thought that I give out some kind of fuck me vibe but this was too good to be true. I instantly felt that tingle between my legs and leant forward to kiss her. Her tongue darted into my mouth... mmmm... game on. She wasn't hanging around either and her finger was tracing the folds of my pussy through my bikini bottoms. They were drenched with a combination of my juices and sweat. Suzie knew it and it was hot in there.

As she pushed a finger under the tight material and it teased my lips I let out a little moan. I didn't waste any time in pulling the crotch of her swimming costume to one side. She was dripping and my finger slid easily into her wet pussy and one finger quickly became two. She'd wedged three fingers up me and her thumb was driving my clit wild. She slide off the bench and went down between my legs. Lifting my leg and licking the sole of my foot up my calf and along my sweaty thys before burying her face in my pussy. God my body was shaking when her tongue started darting hard against my bruised wetness. Pressing a thumb against my tight bum hole I leaned back as far as I could raising my hips to her face.

Then my orgasm took hold... Scream well I was lucky no one came running thinking I was on fire in there (well I was kind of). One very very intense orgasm... maybe it was the bruising! Or maybe it was the fact that there was a very hot stranger going down on me!

No sooner had I got my breath back and straightened up than the sauna door opened and a couple walked in. So I didn't get chance to return the favor. The couple seemed none the wiser although I bet it smelt of my dripping pussy. Suzie left and I didn't want to make it too obvious so I waited for five and followed. I couldn't find her in the showers but she was waiting for me when I came out of the changing rooms. She had to get back this evening but she's given me her number and she's free tomorrow night! I've got something on... But I think I might just have to cancel that, I owe Suzie one after all. Robin :-) x


Anonymous said...

Very nice and hot scene. Would loved to have been the couple interrupting you.

Amy(LamBi)Ne said...


Imagine how horny Suzie might be? I wouldn't want to be the couple that rudely interrupted the 'good' thing.