Monday, 1 June 2009

So here's what was in the box....

I woke up yesterday morning with a banging hang over thinking I was in my own bed at home. When I opened my eyes and saw that I was in bed with a couple I'd never met before it was a bit of a shock! Luckily it's not the first time it's happened so I knew just how to react.

What I'd forgotten was that I'd gone out the night before celebrating with a bunch of my mates who where Chelsea fans. I have some fuzzy recollections of the evening but according to Sara she and her hubby Dave felt that I needed to be rescued from the guys and I ended up back at their place.... Where she assures me they put me to bed in my own room. I was very keen to thank the two of them. So much so that at about 5am I climbed into bed treating Dave to a very messy BJ and Sara to the tonguing of her life! Judging by feeling between my legs they weren't the only two that had, had a good seeing too off the back of Chelsea's win!

As always I couldn't remember a thing. Luckily Dave and Sara saw the sexy/funny side and were more than keen to put on a repeat performance on Sunday morning. Dave watched on as Sara gently kissed and licked my tender pussy bringing me off to a leg trembling orgasm before Dave made sure it was a night/morning of shagging to remember.

They were even kind enough to give me a lift home and by the time I hit the shower I was a right state. My memory still very vague from the night before but I did find some spunk in my hair so I'm guessing that I had fun before they saved me?

I'm now sat in the office and I'm still not really with it, luckily I've got a morning in the office 'catching up' and I've got a treat for you. Yes a pic of what's been keeping me busy, actually keeping me busy.... Enjoy! Robin :-X


Speedy1999.2009 said...

Well looks like I was right then wasn't I - but alas I did not send thee. Wish I had though - lol

You seem to be throughly enjoying it.

voyeur36 said...

As usual, very nice.

Sheen V said...


Advizor said...

What a wonderful little addition and thank you for the picture. Do you have any from any different angles?

I'm glad that you are safe, though. Waking up with strangers can be dangerous and we want you around, healthy, happy, and horny for a long, long time.

Kevin Lomax said...

Wow Robin: how sexy! (and I love your shave)

mommasboy said...

I can't beleive how big your clit is....

Advizor said...

I love that you can see the lube in the background. That tells me how big it must be, slipping into your tight little body, and that you had to work up to fitting it in.

Fantastic pic.

captain shame said...

If you find yourself with spunk in your hair again during the day time you should use it to your advantage. You should go up to the most fuckable man in the street and say to him.

"I have cum in my hair, do you want to add to it?"

You should quickly cup his balls and cock in your hand as you say it.

I have a question. What do you wear when you go out to get fucked. I don't mean a fantasy porn outfit. I mean really.

What are the clothes that get you laid?

Ed said...

Lovely pic Robin - have you changed your email address?!?

Robin said...

Thanks for all the comments guys.... The lube was essentail! That's big for me! Maybe that's what's making my clit look so big?

On Saturday I wore a Chelsea football shirt and a pair of black hot pants... I'll give you a bit more detiail on what I wear next time if you like? Robin :-x

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the picture. Sounds like you had fun. (Even if you don't rememberit.)

Advizor said...

Because most of us drooling fools are just totally hanging on your every word, a description of your outfits, or even a picture or two, would be great.

I love your tan line, BTW. I know people try to get rid of them, but seeing a tan line reminds me that I'm seeing something that is hidden and private.


Amy(LamBi)Ne said...


Thanks for following me.

Very nice story. Even though I'm not bi, I think your pussy is cute - LARGE gifted clit!

-Hot Wife Amy