Thursday, 18 June 2009


There's only one way to describe how Suzie left me last night. She walked down my drive in tracky bottoms and a hoody. Dress to impress, Ha! I was wearing black heels (sorry I couldn't find my red ones) a tiny pair of red hot pants which gave me a perfect beetle bonnet and a white boob tube. Talk about showing off my curves. I'd gone for sultry and slutty with the makeup. I'd made myself horny so I was sure it would do the same to Suzie. So why hadn't she dressed to impress, or had she?

I opened the door and before I could say anything she pushed a finger to my lips - SSSHHHH. Taking my hand she led me upstairs. She kissed me and pushed me back on my bed. She opened the side pocket of her bag and pulled out one of the leather straps she'd used to tie me to the chair. She tied my left arm to the bed stead. She pulled out another strapped and tied up my right arm. My heart was going to burst out of my chest and I could feel my pussy pounding too as she pressed the palm of her hand against my mound.

Suzie disappeared out of the room.... I was shaking with excitement and when Suzie burst back into the room wearing a pair of black hold ups and a crotchless catsuit, well, I was putty in her hands.

She stood on my bed towering over me rubbing her hands down over her boobs tweaking her already hard nipples and down to her hips. She squatted, fingering her pussy inches from my face. It was full of her juices and it was obvous that she'd been playing with herself, she held her pussy open just far enough away for my tongue not to be able to reach it. Talk about a tease.

As she stood up she rubed her pussy pressing a wet finger against my lips before unbuttoning my hot, hot pants. "Is that a little damp patch I can see there?" she smiled. I just nodded as she peeled them down peeling off my shoes and taking a sniff, isn't she amazing..... Her hand pushed it's way back up my thy stopping just before it got to my pussy. I gasped and thrust my hips forward as Suzie extended a finger just teasing my swollen clit. Amazing. There was no stopping it, an orgasm ripped through me as I lifted my hips from the bed. Suzie pushed her fingers inside me and held on as I thrust my hips all over the place orgasming hard.

She watch me get my breath back for a moment before she left the room again. She returned with a big double ended dildo.... She sucked on one end and smacked me round the face with the other until I could catch it in my mouth. She worked it like a cock between my lips pushing it in and out making me gag slightly as she filled my mouth. Then she stood over the bed again and pushed one end inside her wet pussy. Looking up the toy I could see her pussy spreading around it and coating it in her juices, it's just a shame there wasn't enough juice for some to run down into my mouth.

Suzie grabbed my ankles and lifted my legs my shoes falling to the floor. Pulling the toy from my mouth she stood up and kissed each of my toes, licking between them and sucking them between her lips. How did she know that would be such a turn on? I was in heaven and as Suzie slid the dildo into me I orgasmed again. This and the toy in her pussy caught her off guard and she started cumming too. Squatting on the edge of the bed and screaming as her pussy spasmed round the toy over and over as she gasped for breath. Luckily Suzie soon got her breath back and squeezed more toy into us and started working it back and fourth. It wasn't long before we were both orgasming again and it was all I could do to scream. I just hope my neighbours were out last night.

Of course that wasn't the end of our session but you can see why I called it breathless. Sorry there are no pics but I had my hands tied.... Maybe next time... Robin XXX


Amy(LamBi)Ne said...

You might just turn me into a bi girl!

-Hot Wife Amy

Hetero-Sapphic said...

MM, I really enjoyed reading this. I found your blog by The Eternal List blog. Looking forward to reading more.

Anonymous said...

Loved it. Very exciting!

Raphael said...

Oh My! I've got a boner that won't quit. I don't know if I could survive any pictures :)