Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Hot, hot hot....

Yesterday I walked home from work to make the most of the warm weather. It's always further than I think and when I got in my feet were killing me (where's Suzie when I need her). All the way home I'd been try to decide whether to go to the gym or to head down the pub.

I decided to head to the gym. It's never that busy when it's warm and I've missed a couple of sessions. Some days I can go to the gym and it quiet other days I can go and I have to que to get on the workstations. Sometimes that's not so bad especially if the person working out in front of me is fit! Last night I nearly had the place to myself I got chatting with one of the gym staff and he offered to work through my program (LOL, as if I couldn't see through that one).

We worked from station to station going through what I've been doing and he was very hand's on showing me how I should straighten my back, use my arms more or control my breathing. I wasn't complaining and the sweat I was working up wasn't from the workout. We went onto one of the work stations that works your thys. Dave asked me to set it up and use it how I usually do. I didn't put a lot of weight on and worked through my first set. Dave put his hand on my thy. "Are you feeling the burn up here" he said sliding he hand up the inside of my leg.

I smiled, "there's some burning there yes" Dave blushed. Stuttered and tried to hide his embarrassment all in one sentence. "Oh right, we won't need anymore weight then". I finished my sets and moved on to the next station. Here I had to lie on a bench and lift my arms out from underneath me to the side. The bench squeezed my cleavage up to the top of my top and I had a crotch level view of Dave. He set the weight and I started my work out. "8,9,10 that's great Robin" Dave's encouragement had me nearly bursting out of my top and Dave was clearly enjoying the view. It was the big bulge in his shorts that gave it away.

After four sets I could have hung my coat on his cock. He must have known that I'd clocked his boner and tried to push it to one side. Of course that had the opposite effect making his cock stick out further than ever. I sat up on the workstation and said "right what's next" straightening my top and pulling it back up to cover my cleavage. Of course after that set I was really starting to sweat or was it something else making me wet between my legs? The flirting continued and I could tell I was really starting to turn Dave on.

We moved to the next workstation and the phone rang. Dave darted off to answer it and that was the last I saw of him that evening. I was feeling pretty tied and decided to go and take a shower. I took advantage of the place being so quiet and the wetness between my legs to bring myself off to a leg trembling orgasm in the shower.

I tried not to get too carried away but I couldn't help moaning as bit my lip and came hard against my fingers. You can imagine my surprise when the 9 o'clock body pump classed poured into the changing rooms just as I got my breath back. I've been caught before as you know but it would have been interesting to have been caught by that many people. Although, being caught by a group of people has become a fantasy of mine being that close at somewhere I want to go back to was a bit scary.

When I got home I tried to get to sleep but I was far too horny and had to use my fav toy to work off the tension of my work out with Dave and nearly being caught with sticky fingers. I might have had more luck down the pub but I can't wait for my next session at the gym. Robin :-)


Anonymous said...

Wow, what a hot workout! I always am super horny and full of fantasies at the gym! ;-)

Advizor said...

The gym is one of my favorite fantasy spots. Hot and sweaty, showers and saunas... Sounds like a lot of fun. I wonder who was on the phone that pulled him away for so long, a girlfriend perhaps?

Ed said...

So..which IS your fave toy?

Anonymous said...

MMMMM....definately a hot workout!!