Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Dirty Gail

WOW.... Gail has just left. I've never met a girl like her! She must have just been nervous the first time we got together. I got home just after 5pm and ran straight up stairs. Gail was on my bed with my fav toy wedged inside her. Gorgeous why can't I come home to that every day?

She was lying in a big wet patch and was horny as hell. I wasted no time in stripping off. Picking my double ended dildo up off of the floor. I sucked hard on one end leaving a trail of spit from tip to tongue. Pushing it slowly into Gail dripping pussy watching her juices running down her thys. God I was in ecstasy. I crawled up to kiss her and slid the other end into me... Sliding the dildo between us and building up rhythm. All Gail could do was grown loudly and shudder to yet another orgasm. She'd lost count. Then it was my turn. I shuddered to a leg trembling orgasm and collapsed on top of Gail's sweaty body.

Gail slid out from underneath me and crawled round and started lapping away between my legs. She was unstoppable even when I came again she just didn't stop. Licking my pussy and playing with my clit making my juices run and join hers on the bed. God I was in heaven.

Gail headed for the shower and off for her evening shift and I've been here playing with myself ever since... Enjoy the pic! Robin X :-x X


Ed said...

yum yum....lucky fingers! Where r the pics of the 2 of you?!?

RIV said...

Definitely yum.
Would love a different angle in a future, or perhaps a different hole. :)

Richard said...

You and Gail play nicely with each other

An Artist Exposed said...

Wonderful combination of words and pic - you certainly have all of my attention ;-)

hamachi15 said...

Love the pics!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like the perfect end to a day!
Is that pic really you?
It's beautiful! :-p

soulfunkbro said...

Damn! - where in london would i bump into a woman like you!

Anonymous said...

your words can only be enhanced with a pic like that. i guess all men are visual after all!