Sunday, 26 April 2009

Last night was CRAZY!

I've just walked in and I can't wait to slip into my nice warm bath... Last night got messy, very messy! It was one of THE craziest nights of my life. I know that many of my exploits are unbelievable but last night was truly unbelievable. I'm struggling to get my head round it and believe what happened! Hopefully you're up to speed with the texts and the teasing over a five cock face full.

Dave an ex of mine had set something up and despite my gut saying no, my very adventurous sexual side had everything ready to go come 7pm last night.

I called Dave and he gave me his address. Gail and I hadn't been able to keep our hands to ourselves all afternoon but we'd agreed that we might need to pace ourselves a little on the sex and wine front! We called up a cab and 20mins later we were in Dave's lounge. Initially I though that it was just Dave on a wind up as he was on his own.

He flicked on his TV and pressed play on the DVD player. There I was in glourous colour legs spread fingering my much younger and hungrier pussy. Gail commented on how much younger I looked and Dave asked if I remembered making this for him. Blushing, I clocked how much Gail was into it. She was sat next to Dave on the couch and it wasn't long before she'd put Dave's hand up her skirt giving him a good feel just how turned on she was. That left me feeling a little left out... Then in walked a guy in his early 20's.

It was obvious he was pleased to see me his cock looked massive in his jeans. Gail was now going down on Dave and I could hear her sucking and slurping away on his cock. She gives the noisiest Bj's.

"Come here..." I pulled the stranger over to me. Standing him just in front of me, unbuckling his belt, undoing his jeans and pulling them down. I pressed my hand against his fat cock and it hardened further. Pulling it from his pants I gave it a tug before rapping my lips around it. He moaned loudly and pulled my head against his crotch. Meanwhile Gail was getting her first hot mouthful of spunk from Dave. This seemed to excite my young stud and as I groped his balls he unloaded on my tongue and down the back of my throat. MMMM

Gail crawled over to me and we snogged sharing the hot seed from our guys... HOT! I can't really remember what I was thinking apart from how dirty the two of us where. That's when I clocked more of Dave's mates filling into the room. I didn't have time to count them... But there was a long line of hard cocks.... What to do? Do we try and get out of this, after all there was no hiding why we where there. Or shall we carry on and get into it, and get sucking?

While my blond brain I tried to measure up the options, meanwhile Gail was off sucking!!!. With a cock in her mouth and her hands rapped round the two on either side I stopped thinking about what I was doing. It was time to get into this cock fest.

Now blog regulars will know that I'm no stranger to group sex and this wasn't the first time I'd been in this situation. Although the last time this happened to me I'd managed to escape sort off... This time there was no hiding.

Of course most of you will have seen this kinda thing in porno's I actually think that the porn stars make it look easy! Although blog regulars will know that I have developed a rather awesome bj technique that means I can either get guys to cum quickly or go for ages. The first couple I went for speed... Not that I was racing Gail but she was on her third.

The next guys cock was a much bigger and I wanted to enjoy treating it's owner to a bj to remember. I lost concentration when I caught a glimpse of Gail's face being covered in hot spunk and before I knew it my guy had unloaded yet another load in my mouth. There was far to much spunk though and it squeezed out from my lips down his cock and onto my tit's and blouse.

The guys were getting more excited as Gail and I made our way round the room. I was slurping away on one guys cock when another guy unloaded over my head. Big blobs of spunk splashed into my hair setting off another guy who sprayed even more spunk into the side of my face my eye and my ear. That set the guys who's cock was in my mouth off and I swallowed down yet another hot load. Another cock unloaded in my face before I could even get my lips round it.... things were getting messy.

Between us we sucked our way around twelve of Dave's mates. If I looked half as slutty as Gail we'd have given a couple of porn stars a run for their money. I was so horny that I could feel my own juices running down my thy's so I lied back on Dave's couch and spread my legs wide. Some of the guys obviously shouldn't have had been there as they'd already gone home to their wives and girlfriends. There were still a few of Dave's mates in the kitchen. Gail lied next to me on the couch and with our legs in the air we both shouted "who's first?" giggling!

The guys that could took it in turns to fuck Gail and I... It was intense the first guy that fucked me got a real treat as a massive orgasm ripped through me. That set Gail off and she treated her fella to a leg shaker too.... When the guys had run out of go and spunk it was around 3am. Dave sent the rest of his friends packing and took the two of us up to his bedroom. We treated him to a very sloppy double blow job before rolling over to get some sleep. I was exhausted!

So Dave gave us a lift home this morning and I've just typed this up. My hair is a mess my clothes are too and I'm as horny as I was last night after typing this up. I'm off for a long warm bath. Gail's going to come round tonight..... She's just text me one word... HORNY! Robin :-x


Richard said...

It sound like you had a very rewarding night.

captain shame said...

As hard as you've made me, as absolutely ready as I am to shoot my load thinking of you, I wish to know EXACTLY what you were wearing.

Extra points if you left your shoes on, or left your panties half way down your knees as you got your face and pussy fucked.

Please let me know.


RIV said...

That was pretty hot, sweetie.

Wished we at lived on the same country!

Anonymous said...

you're a go-getter, huh robin? you should visit us at the eternal list blog sometime, we need a female voice like yours over here

mommasboy said...

damn, no pictures.....

Ciderboy said...

Hottest blog yet! Made me so hard. Thanks for sharing.