Sunday, 19 April 2009

The Easter Holiday Weekend.... Part 2

Back in the club Gail and I shared an excited hug and a big snog... Dancing off to the next club the night was still young.... Gail had her eye on a guy and his mate was pretty tasty too... She'd be trying to get their attention for a while when they came over and offered to buy us a drink. Nice... Of course one drink becomes three and the night starts to become a bit of a blur... I can remember dancing lots and I think that I showed more than a few people that I wasn't wearing any undies!

I can just about remember bundling back to our hotel in a taxi at about 3am there it gets very blurry but I clearly remember waking up in the morning with Gail and two random guys in our hotel room. Ummm that awkward - what happened? feeling was soon forgotten when I clocked Gail giving one of the guys a handjob. He had a massive cock and it wasn't long before Gail had her lips rapped round it. I reached under the covers and it didn't take long for the other guys cock to harden in my hand. It wasn't as big as his mates but I wasn't complaining. The disappointing thing was that it didn't take long for his cock to pump a hot thick load over my lips as I made my way down to treat him to one of my bj's. Luckily he enjoyed me cleaning him up with my tongue so much that he was soon hardening up again.

While Gail was still slurping away I squatted down on my guys semi hard cock it was thickening as I began to bounce up and down building a rythm. Meanwhile Gail's fella started to moan and he pushed Gail back off his cock. Gail crawled over and kissed me. I could taste his cock on her lips and I guess she could taste my guys cock too, mmmm.

Her guy had positioned himself behind her and she carried on kissing me as he reached under to finger her pussy before sliding his cock into her from behind. My guys cock was now back to full stiffness and filling me. As much as I was enjoying snogging Gail's face off I wanted to fuck the cock in my pussy. Gail reached down and frigged my clit that just set me off more and I was hit by a monster orgasm.

This was all to much for Gail's fella he pulled out and sprayed his hot load up over Gail's back letting it run down over her pussy. MMMMM as soon as I'd got my breath back I positioned Gail at the end of the bed with the guys watching on as licked and sucked up every blob of spunk... Tracing my tongue down over her tight bum hole and pushing it into her well fucked and juicy pussy. This sent Gail over the edge and the guys faces were a right picture! I'll leave it there for now... Saturday night is coming up! Robin XXX


Anonymous said...

don't be mad at the bloke for cumming prematurely, robin, it seems you're simply too irresistible!

Robin said...

oh I always think it's a compliment... As long as it's not all over it's never a problem!