Sunday, 19 April 2009

The Easter Holiday Weekend.... Part 1

Ok ok I know this is late but my manic life keeps on getting in the way of Blogging and as much as I love keeping you guys in the loop I have to maintain the loop! Kinda chicken and egg, well me and my sex life I guess! Anyway guys you'd be proud although I wish I had more time to bring you the low down. From the number of e-mails I've had I guess I better bring you up to speed with the Easter weekend.

So... where to start. Well Gail and I drove down to Bournemouth we were staying in a nice place about 5mins walk from the town centre and close to the sea. I wasn't too worried about the room although Gail insisted that we tested the shower before hitting the town. Of course that meant that after a messy session in the shower. I was super horny and we both ended up out on the town for night one with no undies on.... How was I going to keep my fingers to myself???

We hit a bar and then moved on to the first club of the evening. I watched with envy as Gail dragged a guy off to the ladies. Of course that envy was short lived, I headed in about five minutes later and could hear Gail and her guy grunting away. I stood on the loo in the next cubicle and peered over to see Gail bent over the loo, skirt up her back bracing herself as her guy fucked her from behind. I watched on as he grunted and pumped Gail's gorgeous pussy full of his hot spunk and she screamed her way through a leg trembling orgasm.

I quickly headed back into the club and waited for Gail to come and find me at the bar. I'd made sure there were a couple of drinks lined up and Gail came over with a smile on her face. She kissed me slipping a mouth full of his hot spunk between my lips... Dirty bitch!!! I slipped it back in to her mouth and she showed me as she swallowed it all down! Naughty!

I pushed her hand on my thy and her fingers brushed my pussy of course it was dripping.... "Right time to find you a man...." Gail was off on the dance floor. It wasn't long before I was leading my fella off to the ladies. I treated him to a messy bj and of course he blew his load down my throat. Luckily he was hard again pretty quick and I was desperate for a good hard cock in my pussy. It slipped straight in and wrapped my legs round his back as he pounded me.

I looked up and could see Gail watching on. Time to put on a show.... I treated him to the shag of his life... and screamed as pumped my pussy full of hot cum... Looking up at Gail she gave me a wink.... MMMMMM


Bean said...

I think I'm pretty jealous of these men that you drag to the ladies room. Does that sort of thing really happen? Sounds awesome.....I need more friends like you....meaning healthy open sexual appetites. Good for you. What is the craziest thing you have done? Anything you have considered over the line? I'll share if you do.....

Jimmy the Saint said...

And apparently too busy to answer your email. :-(