Monday, 6 April 2009

Gail's surprise!

After such a serious session on Friday I couldn't wait for Saturday night. After a steady stream of texts we finally settled on Gail coming round to mine for 7pm. The boys were out on the town and the plan was to get ready at mine and then head into town to catch up with the boys. We decided at 4pm so I just had enough time to put my plan into action....

I called Rachel (read more about her here) luckily she was at a loose end and could make it to mine for 6.30pm. I jumped in the shower, shaving my pits, legs and pussy, smoooooth! I slipped on my new silk dressing gown and tried to resit having a play. Of course I couldn't and it wasn't long before I was lying back on my bed with my legs in the air with my rabbit working it's magic!

I was just recovering from a real leg trembler when Rachel arrived. I invited her in and the first thing she said was "god, it smells like someones been fingering their pussy in here" of course I just replied with "guilty as charged". Rachel is always horny and although I'd caught her off guard with my comment it didn't take her long to work out why I'd asked her round. We kissed and I whispered in her ear that we should head up to my bedroom. "I'll be right there" I assured her.

Grabbing the post-it pad from my work bag I scribbled - "come in we're upstairs R X". I chased Rachel up the stairs. She was sat on the end of my bed in just a T-shirt. I pushed her legs apart and went straight for her pussy with my tongue. GOD she tasted amazing and she was so wet!! I pushed her back on the bed I wanted Rachel to see how turned on I was so I squatted over her I felt a finger press against my lips and looked to see Rach press it too her lips. She moaned and then her tongue jabbed at my pussy.

I was in heaven and I was so focused on what was going on that I forgot that Gail was coming too. "So you guys couldn't wait for me?" Gail was at the door. OMG... Rachel didn't even stop which was a good sign in my book. Gail was down to her undies and bra in no time and she crawled onto the bed and joined me munching on Gail's pussy. Our tongues mingled as we kissed giving Gail her first taste of Rachel's wetness.

It was all to much for Gail and she shuddered as a huge orgasm ripped through her. Gail was sucking Rachel's clit between her teeth. I reached down and could instantly feel just how wet Gail was the material of her undies was sticking to her pussy. I pulled her panties to one side and slid in a finger. MMMM She was dripping so god knows how long she'd been watching us. Gail sat on the bed next to Rachel and I licked my way up her thy. As always she tasted amazing! Rachel crawled to the end of the bed and watched as I licked away at Gail's pussy.

I slid a finger into her pussy and pressed it against Rach's lips she was still breathless. She smiled so I kissed her. She could now taste a cocktail of her own and Gail's pussy juices. She practically pushed me off the bed and went down on Gail. I sat back and watched spreadding my legs and fingering my dripping pussy. Rachel swapped from Gail to me, god it felt amazing then she swapped back.

I lent over my bed and pulled out my toy box grabbing my double ended dildo. I tapped Rach on the head with it. She giggled took it and pushed it into Gail's pussy. Gail swiveled so that I could get close, so close that Gail pubes were tickling my bum. I didn't have time to think about that though as Rach pushed the other end of the dildo into my and started to fuck us both silly.

Gail and I were screaming and Rach was loving it. Taking turns to suck our clits I was the first to go. Screaming my way through a huge orgasm and thrashing around on the bed. That set Gail off to a second and much stronger orgasm with a lot of omg'ing.

too my place and I pushed the dildo into her. Gail was still moaning but she begged me not to stop as her pussy spasmed so hard it squeezed the didlo out onto the bed. I pushed Gails end into my mouth and worked up a rhythm on Rach. It wasn't long before she was off again and out screaming us both!

That was how things continued... I lost count of how many times we all climaxed it all became a blur especially when we decided that our night out would become a night in and started hitting the wine. I think we eventually gave in and fell asleep in the early hours of Sunday morning!

I woke up between Gail and Rach and we spent the morning making sure that all my toys got a good workout :-) Rach left at lunchtime and Gail didn't leave until 7pm yesterday.

Now all I need to do is get Gail and her boys together with Rach. Or maybe Gail will do that for me! Here's hoping... Robin :-X


Ed said...

pick me pick me lol

Skranktoberfest said...

gotta say that is fantastic