Monday, 27 April 2009

Mail mania.... Thanks

I'm glad you all enjoyed reading about my (s)exploits on Saturday as much as I did, obviously at the time and writing them up of course. I've asked myself this question before does my blog push me on to doing more and more adventurous things or does it just make them even more exciting?

I love getting comments from you guys... Knowing that you're waiting to hear the latest and then hearing what you think... Thanks, I'll do you a deal I'll keep on doing what I am, if you keep on doing what you are. Robin :-x

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Advizor said...

You pose an interesting question, one that I have heard discussed on other blogs as well.

Are you writing a public journal of adventures you would take on your own, or are we the maddening crowd that is cheering you on into more and more dangerous pursuits?

We will always as for more, for more details, for more pictures, for more extreme adventures, and more "exciting" tales.

At some point you will read your comments and say, "WTF? You want me to do what?" And that point, you should probably say "No."

There is a fine line between a fan club that enjoys living vicariously through you, and a mob that pushes you over the edge.

Be careful, but keep writing.....