Thursday, 9 April 2009

Lunchtime fun....

Just back from the gym and I'm very sweaty tonight. I skipped my usual shower as I'm feeling horny and want to have a good session in the bath. Back at the gym my usual class was full so I joined the next one up. WOW that guy puts the 'pump' in Body Pump. I've never lost so much sweat in a class before. I swear it had nothing to do with the couple in front of me grunting and groaning their way through the session with their hands far from where they have should be. It's a shame my helper didn't follow their lead. lol anyway I mustn't ramble on.

I wanted to tell you about my lunch time today... I was out on the road and passed a lay by that I know is a regular dogging spot. Of course the old sex drive kicked in and I decided to let myself pull in and take a peak. Yeah I know as if that was all I was going to do.

At first it looked like the rain had kept everyone away but then I spotted a car in the corner. The drivers door was open and I could see a couple on the back seat. Luckily there was space next to them so I pulled in. I could see straight away that the couple were in the back she was on her knees with his cock in her mouth. I had a great view and watched on as she treated him to a cracking blow job.

I could feel my pussy tingling and I couldn't resist rubbing the material of my undies against my pussy. When the guy climaxed in her mouth she dribbled strings of spunk over his balls and over the seat. Then she sucked them up and that's when she clocked me. With a wink she opened her mouth to show me the mouthful of spunk before swallowing it down, cheeky bitch. She sat back on the seat and spread her legs. Giving me a quick glimpse before the guy then went down on her. She grabbed his head and fixed a stare at me... She must have guessed what I was doing and obviously love the fact that she had all my attention.

She started to moan and lost herself in the moment. This set me off.... A orgasm ripped through me coating my fingers in my juices. The guy moved up and they started fucking. He was grunting away and she was moaning loudly. He still had his shirt on but his white bum was thrusting away. I was rubbing my pussy and had slipped back in my seat having pulled my undies to one side. I could feel another orgasm building and wanted to share their moment. As she screamed and he grunted his bum thrust deep and then stopped as he pumped his hot spunk deep inside her. I came again too my juices now dribbling onto the seat.

The couple dressed. She got out giving me a wink climbed in her car and sped off. He then got back in the driving seat and left too. Leaving me to mop up, wondering if I should have done more. It made for an interesting afternoon and I was glad that it was just catching up on paper work at the office. I'm in that area at the end of next week. I'll make sure I call in again I don't think I'll be able to just watch next time though. Robin :-X

Don't forget the questions on my early post.... I love em and can't wait to hear from you.


Anonymous said...

hot story, makes me want to join a gym...almost :)

RIV said...

I would like to ask something about this;
have you ever done the dogging thing?
kinda wish it would be popular here in the states.

Lovin' the blog.

thickboy said...

thats fucking hot.....