Friday, 24 April 2009


OK.... I just want to say thanks for the feedback on Text. It's great to know you guys are looking out for me.. Some sound advice there my friends! Thanks.

Today I've had two more texts... Here they are

"Robin, Hi... You know me well and you gave me your number. I've just changed mine.... So how about you make you're blog readers happy and come and make this happen. D!"

I text back....

"Ok Dave... At least I know you're up to your old tricks! Now I'm really interested tell me more. Robin :-)"

Then I got this....

"So the penny drops. Tomorrow night call me at 7pm. I'll get everything set up. Dress sexy and if Gail wants to come she can! Be ready it's going to get messy. D!"

So.... I've text Gail and we are all set for a wild one. I dated Dave on and off for a year a couple of years ago. We split when he went travelling. If I get a mo I'll bring you some of our exploits! I'm already excited and I've just got off the phone and Gail is too... Of course I'll keep you posted. Robin :-x

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