Friday, 3 April 2009

Less of a Gail more of a Wirlwind!

Ok I'm sure everyone exaggerates a little on their blog from time to time. But what I'm about to tell you really did happen yesterday... I'm still in shock, a nice shock of course!

So what happened.. Well I was just finishing up at work when Gail sent me a text. "My address is ....... come round for 7. Gail" Wow that's my evening sorted. I felt my heart leap a little I'd had problems getting Gail out of my head all day so I couldn't wait to get round and see her.

I found her place easy she lives in a flat about 20mins drive from mine and by the time I got there I was dripping... really dripping. When I got to the door there was a post-it on the glass. Come in Robin... We are upstairs! WE? if my heart wasn't pounding before it was now. I could feel it trying to climb out of my chest. I shut the door behind me and made my way up stairs. I hadn't even made it to the top of the stairs when I could hear Gail moaning. I didn't have to guess which room she was in as the door was wide open.

There was Gail on her back with two black guys. Very well hung black guys. One was between her legs while the over was enjoying a hand job. I stood at the top of the stairs looking on. Gail looked in her element and I had to pinch myself. I'd only met her at the weekend and she seemed so Innocent. Now there she was on her back on her bed with two guys treating her like a dirty slut, and I thought I loved sex! Have I met my match with Gail?

Gail was now sucking on the bigger of the two guys cocks slurping away the second guy pressed his cock against her pussy and I watched as he push it in much to Gail's delight. I was gagging to get in there but at the same time there was something sexy about watching Gail at the mercy of these guys. I didn't have to worry Gail clocked me.... "Robin! come and meet the boys".

Did I walk did I run. I can't remember and don't care. All I know is that Mike and Paul were cool. Gail and Mike had a bit of thing going on and Paul had joined them from time to time. When Gail had told them about me they couldn't wait to get some 4 some action going on! Well I wasn't going to argue and while Mike stripped me off and fed his fat cock into my mouth, Paul carried on fucking Gail and boy had my view improved. I've never been so horny and Mike was loving it. I think I've mentioned my Bj technique before and despite Mikes best efforts and after Gail and I's super sucking he started unloading his spunk in my mouth.

I let a little dribble down my cheek but I held most of it in my mouth and went over to the bed. Straddling Gail I dribbled my gob full of warm spunk into her mouth. The whole time Paul didn't stop fucking her. So sexy!

Then he pulled out and thrust his cock straight into my pussy. On thrust right up to the hilt I moaned loudly and squashed up against Gail. Paul pulled out and pushed into her again. The me then her... Then he stopped and I felt blob after blob of cum shower down on my bum running down between my legs and over Gails pussy.

While Paul and Mike caught their breath I lick Gail's pussy, sucking up all of Paul's hot spunk and licking her clit which drove her wild. By now the boys were hard again so we took turns to suck their cocks back to full hardness. Sharing a snog in between it was getting messy. Gail pushed me back on the bed and spread my legs. The guys came round to the end of the bed and Gail guided Mikes cock into my pussy. Mike began to fuck me while Paul came to the head of the bed and slapped his cock against my lips. I could taste Gail's pussy as I slurped away. I wanted to taste his cum but he had other ideas.

Gail was liking my pussy, clit and the base of Mike's cock he was building up a rhythm and Paul stood opposite Gail and started wanking. Gail pulled his cock in and slurped hard on it. Then Mike and Paul swapped places and Gail climbed on top of me. The guys took it in turns to fuck us and I thrashed away under Gail as an orgasm tore through me. The guys held on so I rolled Gail over and squatted on her face letting my juices dribble into her mouth. Of course I was lapping away at her hot pussy and the cocks that were fucking it and it wasn't long before the guys were unloading in her hot snatch. Of course I was there ready to scope it all up with my tongue and dribbled it in to Gail's mouth.

Of course at the time I was loving it but now I'm typing I feel like a right slut. Of course I've arrange to see Gail this evening will she bring the boys??? Robin X

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bdenied said...

well they are not the only guy/s you got to bring to an erection god girl that is hot.....very nice gf you have