Friday, 1 May 2009

Bank Holiday Weekend II

YES! It's another Bank Holiday Weekend! I've been hoping the weather's going to be better for this one. I've been invited on a Hen Weekend! These things can and will get messy (well at least I hope they will). Of course I'll keep you posted.

Things have been moving at their usual 500mph. Yesterday was a crazy day I got talked into going do to the pub for a lunch time drink (ok it didn't take a lot). Anyhow there were a couple of guys in the bar. Both were smartly dressed and looked hot and I caught one of them checking me out more than once. When he headed off to the loo I took my chance and followed.

The pub near work is a pretty posh one and although I'd never made it to the Gents I was surprised at how clean they were (I've ended up in some right messy loo's I tell you, reading that makes me think that I do this kinda thing far to often).

I don't know whether he'd seen me follow him but the guy was just stood at the door so I pushed open the door and lead him in. As always I didn't waste anytime and there I was in seconds with his fat cock in my mouth. I treated him to a very sloppy bj and of course he treated me to hot load in the back of my throat. I tried my hardest to hold all of his spunk in my mouth but there was so much it was impossible and a big blog ran out of the corner of my mouth and splashed on my blouse.

That was as far as it got with my latest quickly as I had a feeling that we weren't going to be on our own for long. I wiped my mouth cornered the blob on my blouse an sucked it off my finger before giving him a quick kiss and walking out leaving him with a great look on his face.

When I got back to my colleagues they were heading back to the office so I didn't even see the guy come back to the bar. I spent the rest of the afternoon feeling so dirty and horny with a little hard patch on my blouse to remind me how dirty I'd been, of course is wasn't long before I was in the loo at work fingering my dripping pussy to orgasm! Robin :-x

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mommasboy said...

I wish I worked with a woman like you