Monday, 4 May 2009

Just walked in.... and....

WOW... that was a Bank Holiday weekend to remember. Just got back and I can't wait to slide in the bath! Last night we had a blast. We ended up who's knows where down (Bournemouth I think) on the south coast. Gail's friend Kath was doing the driving and I was sloshed by the time we hit the M25.

It was quieter out that we'd hoped but we ended up meeting up with a few guys. Having a few drinks and then we headed back to our B&B at about 3.30am this morning. I sneaked in Jill and Tess so that along with Kath, Gail and I we could all party on in my tiny room.

Of course it wasn't long before the topic turned to sex and we started sharing our naughty tales. Our new friends turned out to be very bi and of course I wanted to push things... and push things I did. Gail and I started snogging which got Jill and Tess started. I tugged off Gail's top and Kath joined me pushing her back on the bed and licking her stomach and tits.

Then I felt a hand slide up my thy and under my skirt... mmmm it was Tess. She pushed my skirt up over my back and her tongue traced up to my pussy. I was buzzing and had a finger inside Gail's soaking pussy. Tess's tongue had hit my honey and she was groaning away. Jill joined her and I was away, moaning loudly as two tongues pushed and probed my juicy pussy. Kath's tongue was now licking Gail's pussy and my fingers as I rubbed her clit and Gail and I were preparing for a scream off!

I orgasmed first falling face first onto the bed as Tess and Gail pushed and probed me to a knee trembler squeezing my juices out over their tongues and down my thy's, Intense. Watching me set Gail off and she was shuddering so hard as her orgasm pumped through her. I had to push a pillow over her face as she was screaming a bit too loud and I didn't want to wake up the whole B&B.

Kath lied on her back and spread her legs. Her pussy was already dripping and I dived right in. Her pussy throbbed on my tongue and I took it in turns with Tess and Jill to tongue Kath ever closer to another orgasm. It was Jill that hit the spot and while she worked her magic on Kath I pulled down her undies and started licking her pussy. Jabbing my tongue on Jills clit was driving her wild but as she was all fours I couldn't resit tonging her tight bum too. That really drove her wild and as Gail was now on top of Tess there was a pile of us going for it.

Jill begged me not to stop and as I tonged her tight little ring and fingered her clit she orgasmed at the same time as Kath. This time they were both so loud that I was sure the whole street had been woken up. There was a very loud bang on the wall which set us all off giggling away. Who cares it was coming up to 5.30am they'd be up soon anyway! We carried on regardless... I think we all collapsed in a pile at about 7am woke up at 12pm. Checked out... only and hour after we should have!!! and spent the rest of the day in a pub on the seafront.

I did think that I should leave my update there and slid into my bath but it wouldn't have been an afternoon in the pub without sneaking off to the lav's for some fun, hey! Tess and Gail fella's came to meet us for a drink with a couple of their mates. A friend of theirs called Phil caught my eye, tall, fit and well built. I'd been flirting with him all afternoon when Kath came to tell me we were of in five. I told Phil that he had five minutes and despite a short protest about how his misses wouldn't be happy..... I told him that I was off and who would know. Afterall who would tell anyone!!!

Phil slammed the door of the ladies and his hands were all over me. Reaching up under my skirt the lack of underwear meant that his fingers were exploring my folds and he could feel just how wet I was. Meanwhile, I had his belt and jeans undone and was tugging them down round his thys. His cock was bulging in his pants and I sprung hard as I pulled it out. I gave it a gentle wank and then started pulling harder. Phil had other ideas lifting me up and pushing me against the cubicle wall. His cock slid straight into my wetness and he started fucking me hard.

WOW. Phil hit the spot and while my orgasm took hold Phil just kept on pounding, pounding and pounding. Yes Phil was a fucking machine! I was on orgasm number three when Phil finally grunted and pumped my pussy full of spunk. I had to treat him to a nice bj clean and he still wasn't soft when I finished. I was a right state and despite my best efforts infront of the mirror I looked like I'd been fucked in the ladies! Much to every one's amusement. Of course Phil had headed home leaving everyone to guess who I'd been with....

Soooo... Now it's time for a bath to wash my well fucked pussy... I've been dripping spunk all the way home.... mmm thanks Phil. Robin :-)


Menelaus said...

Robin! I'm SO looking forward to later on this month...drop me a line?

Speedy1999.2009 said...

Absolute great post - keep em cumming I say.

Speedy1999.2009 said...


Let me know if you are ever cumming to Australia - you will have to look me up.