Sunday, 17 May 2009

My knight in shining armour... Well a sharp suit is a modern day armour...

I hit the town hard last night and amazingly I wasn't really feeling it. Well not feeling it for the first part of the evening anyhow. The first couple of clubs I hit were so quiet that I had to buy my own drinks (and that's saying something). Anyhow the vodka Redbulls I was downing meant that I was in no mood to go home and the night was still young. I caught a cab across town to a club that's always busy. Although it was busier than the last two it was still pretty quiet. However I only had to stand at the bar for a few minutes before a guy offered me a drink.

We got chatting but he made far to many references to his girlfriend for me to think he would be interested (I know when has that really stopped me? But when I say he was referring to his girlfriend he mentioned her every other word, despite getting an eye full of my clevage). Oh well at least I was getting tipsy. I headed out onto the dance floor for a while. Danced with a couple guys and ended up in the middle of a hen night throwing in a few of my robot moves much to their amusement. Less on the robot and more on the hens later....

Back at the bar and a couple of young guys brought me another drink or two. These two were classic. In fact I'm pretty sure that I could have headed off to the ladies (or gents) with the two of them and they'd have both fucked me silly there and then. What a blast and I was tempted. But after downing a few to many I needed to use the loo and told them I'd be back in five.

The ladies lav was packed and I soon found out why. The Maid of Honour was putting on a floor show with a leggy blond. Now maybe I'm more of a prude than I thought I was but at least get a cubicle! Of course, I'm not really complaining as it's not everyday you walk in the ladies and see two ladies in the throws of a messy session. Of course there were those that turned their noses up and thought and muttered that it was filthy and wrong. Although the Hen and her friends were cheering on and I of course was mesmerised and joined the crowd to watch on.

Watch on.... I don't think I've ever been a voyeur! Everyone knows I'm hands on.

So here's the scene. The Maid of Honour's sat on the sink top and she's rapped her legs around the shoulders of the leggy blond who's tonging her clit wildly. She's obviously hitting the spot as there's plenty of noise. I position myself behind the blond and lifted her skirt. Running a finger down between her legs she stopped for a second and looked at me before raising her bum. Now I had easy access and pulled the crotch of her undies to one side. Sliding a finger into her folds she was dripping and soon had three fingers exploring the blond stranger.

My free hand was up her blouse and tweaking her nipples. All my attention had her more determined to get the maid off and it wasn't long before the maid stopped moaning and started screaming. Thrusting her bum up off the sink top as her orgasm ripped through her... Much to the delight of those watching on. I felt her pussy tighten on my fingers as her own orgasm ripped through her. I pulled my fingers from her pussy and held them up for those watching on to see how juicy they were. One of the crowd grabbed my hand and sucked the fingers clean. Sexy!

I stood up and straightened myself up. The leggy blond came over and kissed me. I don't know if it was deliberate but I could taste the juices on her lips which I always find a turn on. She thanked me and asked if I wanted to join the party for the evening. Of course that was an offer that was too good to turn down!

I don't know what happened but my plans were to catch a cab with them and head back to carry on the party at the brides place. I must have lost myself for a while and couldn't find the group when the club closed.

Left on my own and wandering down the high street I broke one of my heels. Great! That's when Grant came along my knight in a sharp suit. He'd seen me brake my heel and wanted to see if he could help as I hobbled along the pavement. Of course a lift would be great and luckily Grant had a car and more importantly hadn't been drinking. In fact he had a very nice car and had no problem in giving me a lift home even though it was about 30min drive.

Back at mine I invited him in for a coffee. Of course Grant said yes. While the kettle was boiling I ran upstairs and got changed into my pj's. I don't wear them often but they're pretty sexy and they had the desired effect on Grant. I took him in his coffee and sat down next to him on the couch. He wasn't the best looking guy I've been with but he was pretty buff and I soon steered the conversation round to relationships and sex. Grant did have a girlfriend but they were going through a tough time. I didn't need to know anymore. I'm no relationship expert but I know when someone is saying hey if you're game I am.

I worked my magic and was soon sat on Grant's lap snogging his face off. Then I treated him to a slurpy bj on the edge of my couch. Joking that that was to say thanks for the lift. Then he put me on all fours and treated me to a pretty amazing tonging bringing me to the brink of a real leg trembler. By then he was hard again and he fucked me hard doggy style till I was screaming the place down and collapsed face first into my couch as he filled me full of his hot spunk.

Then he seemed to have a big attack of conscious and despite my offer of a bed for a night he was gone. Back on his horse (well into his car) and into the night.... Thanks Grant! Robin :-X


Shades of Gray said...

Wow! That sounds like a very fun night. Though I am a bit disappointed that you lost the Hen party hehehe But Grant more then made up for it!

Advizor said...

You live an amazing life, I'm totally jealous. I guess I'll just have to save my pennies for a trip very soon.


I'll have to remember to help more women with broken shoes in the future

Robin said...

Yeah you never know where it will get you.. One good turn deserves another and all that... :-)