Saturday, 30 May 2009

What's in the box.....

OMG... I'm soooo naughty teasing you about my surprise package and then leaving it far to long to let you all know what it was. I've been far to busy playing with it to get on my blog. I've still yet to find out who sent it to me, but whoever it was they know me well!

I've just sneaked onto a friends laptop while they all watch the football... I promise more on what it is what it does and what it does to me later.... Robin :-X


Speedy1999.2009 said...

So a nice big dildo or vibrator I would be guessing, maybe a rabbit - oh rocky watch me insert the rabbit, what again - lol

Oh and congratulations on reaching the 100, I see you are on your way to 200 now.

Anonymous said...

Hey Robin,

I have read all your posting. This is aboslutely most complete and adventorous blog that i have ready. Absolutely great. I can wait till your next posting.