Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Every vote counts... Don't forget to vote!

I've got a new poll running... Hopefully I'm hitting the spot but cast your vote and tell me what my blog does for you. I know how turned on I get reading other peoples blogs so I hope mine does the same for you! Don't forget your comment's count... Any questions or suggestions feel free to get em down on my blog.

It's taken me a couple of days to get my head around it being Wednesday already... Bank Holiday's are great but they really make for a strange week. I came home showered and changed ready for the Gym it was only looking at the TV guide that I realised it wasn't Tuesday! Blond moment! Which meant that I missed my class last night.... Oh well I'll have to make sure I go tomorrow.

Right time to catch up on the going's on in blog land... Gail's been out of town as is back tomorrow she's been sending me teasing text's of what she's been up too... She's such a dirty cow! I'm just glad we have a very open relationship right now as anything else and I'd really be stressing! I'll catch up with her tomorrow and bring you all the low down! Have fun. Robin :-)

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