Friday, 15 May 2009

I'm home.... That was erm how do I put it....?

So that was a very interesting evening. Clare called me just as I was leaving work. Could she meet me earlier as she needed to get home early this evening? Well an early night was the last thing I had in mind but I agreed that I'd meet her on my way home from work in a bar not to far from my office. Of course there's no way that I was going to say NO was there after going to all the trouble of setting up our meet.

Clare was sat at the bar looking gorgeous every bit a petite as she'd told me she was in a white blouse and a dark brown skirt with black knee length boots. She stood up and gave me kiss and then offered to get me a drink. While she headed to the bar I took a seat and tried to calm down. My heart was pounding hard and my clit was competing to see who could throb the hardest I was sure (the fact they they are inherently linked was lost on me at this stage).

It was still quite as the Friday night club had yet to make it from the office so Clare was back in not time from the bar. I made sure my skirt rode my thy, flashing a little and that my own blouse was buttoned dangerously low. I wanted Clare to be in no doubt that I was there for one thing and one thing only!

I don't think Clare was there for anything else either to be honest with you. Her perfume filled my nostrils and all I could think about was what I wanted to do to her with my tongue! I steered the topic round to sex and we started sharing a few tales. Embarrassingly she opened the sex conversation with the revelation that she was a real fan of my blog. But I guessed that knowing exactly what I liked and what I get up to wasn't going to do me any harm (she later mentioned that it was reading my blog and finding out that I was a friend of a friend that made her want to meet).

Well within 10mins we were on our way back to my place. No sooner had the front door shut than I was ripping at Clare's clothes. I wasted no time in stripping her off and going down on her. She had an amazing body and her neatly trimmed blonde pubes framed her gorgeous damp folds.

My tongue explored her wetness and I had her moaning loudly in no time on the edge of my bed. I reached under the bed and pulled out my toy box. Taking one of the smaller vibes I ran it across her pussy. She moaned rolling back and lifting her legs up into the air. I just went crazy tonging her pussy and pushing the vibe against her clit. She climaxed quickly begging me not to stop (of course I had no intention of stopping).

Switching toys I picked up one of my bigger dildo's Clare was so wet it slid straight into her stretching her pussy and making her moan. I undressed quickly and began rubbing my pussy against hers. Pulling the double ender from my toy box I sucked on one end and fed it deep into me. The using the other end like a cock I began to fuck Clare. Of course this was all to much for her and she orgasmed again and again. Becoming a orgasmic sexy lump on my bed. I've seen some climaxes in my time but Clare's was one to remember.

When she'd got her breath back she pulled me down next to her on the bed and kissed her way down from my lips, down my neck, stopping at my tits before snaking down my stomack to my dripping pussy. My end of the double ender was still wedged inside me. Clare pulled it out and sucked on it before pushing it back into me. Licking round it and sucking on my clit hard. I rapped my legs round her so she couldn't escape. She had to eat her way out... lol.

Well at least that was the plan. She was good... Very good in fact so good that she had me on the verge of screaming my house down. Then it rushed through me... OMG! I haven't orgasmed that hard in a while. I think Clare thought she was going to drown!

That wasn't the end of it we were so horny that we emptied my toy box on the bed and spent the rest of the evening bringing each other off. Clare of course couldn't make it a late one so she left mine at about 10.30pm. Of course I've been sat on my bed playing with myself since... All being well I'll see Clare again on Sunday and Gail's coming too.

In fact I was so horny I texted Gail and she's promised she'll call in tonight on her way home from the club... I can't wait. It's going to be a juicy weekend! Robin :-) x

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