Saturday, 16 May 2009

The latest.....

Clare text me this morning to say that she had "way to much fun" at mine last night and how much of a turn on it was to read about what we got up to on my blog! Ha I know all too well how much typing up my exploits turns me on so I can imagine that reading what I'd got up to would be a real turn on too!

However, I've been worried that the blogs been sounding so exaggerated that you guys might not be believing it. I promise you although I might add a touch of exaggeration this is the real deal! As unbelievable as they are these things actually happen. My mates still can't believe what I get up to and my best friend Rachel has been around my adventures for years, as you know she's been part of more than a few too.

So, I'm planning a night on the town tonight I haven't been out for just a night out in an age. I've called up a few friends and they're up for it. So who knows where I'll end up.


Speedy1999.2009 said...

Never thought for an instant that your blogs were not real - lol

The exploits that you describe could only be the truth and it is wishful thinking that you would cum over here to Australia or I could find someone like you over here as a casual FB.

Keep the blogs cumming beautiful.

Master JB said...

Just wanted to say I was young once and I know some of the things I did folks would not believe.Keep your stories coming even if they have a little fluff they still have more truth in them and make for some dam good reading.