Saturday, 23 May 2009

Poll Results.....

I'm coming out on a date with you... Do you prefer me to wear

Nice sexy undies
23 (46%)
No thrills and not to much material
2 (4%)
Hey I'm happy if you come commando (with none)
24 (48%)

Votes so far: 49
Poll closed

Look how close that one was....! Wow.. Thanks for voting. I'm glad that commando came out winner as I don't own that many pairs of sexy undies and I love the feeling of going out without any on. It's oh so much easier to be naughty too and you never know who you might be giving a flash!


Cold said...

Mmm. Now that IS a nice thought!

Advizor said...

I voted for the nice undies because I love how they flatter a woman's curves, because the feel of your wetness through the silk is erotic dynamite, and because, as slip them off your hips and into my pocket, I know you have invited me in.


Enjoy your parcel!