Friday, 22 May 2009

Jane and her cute toes....

It's funny. Most of the time my life isn't about sex and I'm just busy getting on with getting by day to day. Of course I think about sex but just in passing. Ok I masturbate a lot but is that really a bad thing? I just put it down to my sex overdrive!

I've not met that many people that think about sex like I do and I thought my friend Jane is the complete opposite. She's been married to her husband Karl for 10yrs and has never really talked to me about sex in all the years I've known her. In fact I'd put her in my 'friends that I don't talk about sex with' category a long time ago.

When I was leaving the office yesterday I bumped into Jane and we had a quick catch up. The usual how's everything and everyone, of course I said we should catch up for a drink and she practically jumped at the chance and asked what I was doing later. I didn't have anything concrete planned so I gave her my new address and told her that any time after 8pm would be good.

I rushed home cleaned and hovered and straightened my house up a bit. Popped down to the shop to pick up a bottle of wine and headed back to mine to wait for her. No sooner had Eastenders finished than the doorbell rang. It was Jane and she'd brought a bottle of wine too so I headed into the kitchen and poured up both a glass.

After about an hour of catching up on everything I went to the kitchen to open our second bottle of wine. Jane was already quiet tipsy and when I came back in I slumped into the couch and complained that my feet were killing me. Jane laughed and offered me a massage, lifting my feet up onto her lap. I giggled but there were genuinely killing me so I wasn't going to argue as she started needing the ball of my foot.

I slid along the couch and swung both feet onto her lap. Jane really worked the balls of my feet and my toes and I was in heaven. She kicked off her sandals twisted round and pushed her feet onto my lap. Of course I wasn't going to leave her to do all the work and I started to massage the balls of her feet which gave her the giggles. Anyone touching my feet drives me wild and to be able to touch Jane's well I was in heaven. I don't think Jane had an any idea how turned on I was.

Jane groaned loudly and pushed one of my feet against her crotch and lifted the other to her lips. I nearly fell of the couch. As I said Jane had never spoken to me about sex. So for her to be so forward, well I melted back into the couch sliding forward pulling my skirt up around my waist. I pushed one of Jane's feet against the crotch of my undies. OMG, I was going to burst. I sucked her big toe between my lips and she let out a yelp as my toes pushed against her pussy.

I lifted my hips and pulled of my thong to give her access to my pussy throwing it over her face. She laughed as her toes pushed hard into my wetness. I was doing the same but through the material of her undies. Jane was moaning louder and licking from my heel to my toes. I shuddered and pulled her foot hard into my pussy as I was so close to exploding. It was obvious that Jane was too and as I pushed forward against her foot she did the same and we lied there in ecstasy as our orgasms took hold.

I liftedJane's foot from my wetness to my mouth and licked and sucked it clean. Of course she did the same and then we kissed. MMM I didn't think Jane had it in her to be so sexy! Robin :-)


Shades of Gray said...

Go Jane!

mommasboy said...

What....that was it?!?!?!

Come on, work with us..will ya?!?!

Anonymous said...

Very sexy image.

Advizor said...

One of the most memorable orgasms I ever had has a foot-job from a girl named Margo. She loved for me to play with her feet, to massage them, put lotion on them, etc.

Finally one night she slipped her foot out of my hand and started rubbing my erection through my slacks (I had come to her place straight from work). It didn't take me long to finish and I was so turned on that I stayed hard enough to bring her off in no time flat.

Thanks for an excellent post.